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Tips to Promote Your Print Reselling Scheme

Print Reselling Scheme

Tips to Promote Your Print Reselling Scheme

Promoting your print reselling scheme is important, especially after all the work that you have put into setting it up. By promoting it, you will be able to get several graphic designers and other resellers interested and ensure that they can help you get your work out there in a mutually beneficial arrangement. As such, here are some top tips that can allow you to market your print reselling scheme online in 2024. 

Contact Resellers Directly

Instead of waiting for them to come to you, you should consider contacting resellers directly if you are set on launching a reseller program. By doing this, you will be less likely to be ignored and you can ensure that the resellers that you want to attract definitely know of your existence. Not only this but by contacting these resellers, you will be able to pitch the scheme that you have created and answer any queries that they have, as well as express your interest and support in the work that they do. This means that you should look online, such as on Google My Business and on their websites, to find their contact details. After this, you should create an email template that will allow you to create an engaging message that will not be ignored. 

Refine Your Brand

Before you take any further steps, though, you need to spend some time refining your brand. This will ensure that your company looks reliable and that your logo design and slogan are bright and memorable enough to stand out. As well as developing vibrant visual aids and graphics, you should spend some time perfecting a consistent tone of voice when you are contacting and interacting with others, and you should also write down a mission statement and some of your company’s core values that can be shared by potential resellers. This will help resellers to instantly know what your company is all about. 

Create an Engaging Website 

As well as this, you should also create an engaging website on which you can post details of your scheme. This website should be easy to navigate, should load quickly, and should be designed in a professional manner that can represent the message of your company. This website should have a host of information on it, including your contact details and how resellers can sign up for your scheme, and you should make sure that your website uses your brand colors so that your visitors can never forget what website they are on. 

Post a Call Out on Social Media

If you are struggling to find resellers and want to expand the reach of your reselling campaign, you should consider concocting a call out that you can post on social media. This call out for resellers can be shared widely within the graphic design community and will ensure that as many people as possible see and hear about the program that you have put in place. Interested parties can simply contact you through your social media pages the instant that they see your advertisement. 


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