Top 10 New Generation Successful Entrepreneurs of India

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Successful Entrepreneurs of India

New Generation Successful Entrepreneurs of India

These are some of the phrases that India’s brightest and youngest mind reveals in their work. These minds have spawned highly successful and engaging start-ups and have become India’s top 10 young entrepreneurs.

Pavani Naidu as a founder of aartisto, responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of Aartisto Technologies Inc., Canada, and Artisto Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India. She has been working as a Freelancer since 2004, she has good experience in Digital Branding and a passion for business and the creative field. With a vision to excel in the field of Digital media consultancy services, Aartisto is established.

She is having more than 14 years of experience in the field of Business Consulting and Digital Marketing also she has become a skilled digital marketer because of her twelve years of working experience. She has also expertise in building User-Friendly websites with strong User Experience to making a website into a lead generation machine.

The 10 New Generation Entrepreneurs

1) Ritesh Agarwal

A smart young man who makes use of the valuable knowledge he gained while pursuing his hobby of traveling toward business ideas. In 2013 his company, Oyo Rooms, had to travel on a domestic budget. However, The company operates in five countries, including Singapore, based in Gurgram. It is invested by well-known companies such as Softbank and Sequoia Capital.

2) Indian Ragitsin

Indrajeet Singh is the founder and CEO of iQuanta, CAT’s largest online coaching company. He is one of the powerful entrepreneurs and also started by helping applicants and then helped them enter top IIMs and other B schools. His indigenous shortcuts and unconventional methods gave him the nickname “The Wizard of Quants.”

During his journey, he helped more than 8,000 students enroll in IIM and other Higher B schools, with unprecedented results in the country.

3) Deepan Jaridal Mia

A brave soul who quit his job at EY at the age of 26 and began his wonderful journey. Moreover, to help women in the country, supported by social reasons, her company, Heyday Care, manufactures sanitary napkins made of bamboo and corn. It is effective and cheap, allowing many women who cannot afford hygienic napkins to use them safely at a lower price.

4) Ranveer Allahbadia

He is also a talented person who runs a YouTube channel and his own company. His company, called Monk-E, is an influencer marketing and video production company that manages celebrities across the country. In 2013, he launched his YouTube channel, Beer Bices. This channel has 2.3 million subscribers.

5) Aayushman Sinha

Appointed as the youngest talent manager at the age of 25, he runs REPRESENT as a multi-genre talent management company. Along with that, his #TakeIndiatotheWorld campaign became so popular that he added why he was awarded the Young Business Leader (under 40) and Youth Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018.

6) Sreelakshmi Suresh

A renowned website designer, she designed 50 websites with one hand last year for his work, winning the world’s youngest web designer award and running his company, eDesign.

7) Trishneat Arora

A high school dropout, a huge success, and a self-made man, Trishneet Arora, is a complete package. Besides the launch of the company’s TAC security solution, which has four offices in India and one in Dubai. It was able to include clients like Reliance in its portfolio.

8) Tilak Mehta

One of the youngest in the lot, he makes Dabbawala’s Ola & Uber his latest achievement.

9) Kavita Shukla

The founders of Fresh Papers have innovated the idea of ​​keeping many products fresh for longer. His clients include celebrities such as Wholefoods and co-operatives.

10) Akshay Ruparelia

An Indian who also became one of the youngest millionaires and entrepreneurs in the UK founded, an online real estate agency. With 12 employees, the company has achieved a valuation of £ 12m over a year of operation. Overcome barriers and take the courage to come up with ideas that have the potential to change the world. 

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