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Five memes in digital marketing that works for the brand

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Memes in digital marketing

Did you know that the average person spends almost 2 hours on social media every day? Memes are so effective that people share and laugh at them while giving you plenty of opportunities to interact with your audience.

Meme Maker Online

The Daily Mail compared memes to the bubonic plague, saying that memes also originate from a specific location and are transferred from “person to person” and form a wave pattern. But unlike the disease, memes can help your consumers engage with your business. Digital branding Institute will help you to know more about these memes. You can use tools like meme maker online to make excellent memes.

How brands implement Meme Marketing

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s beauty line, Fenty, took over the world of cosmetics right away with her very diverse makeup collection. Fenty is a brand deeply rooted in the Instagram culture, which visually appeals to consumers, just like memes, which are perfectly aligned with the visual nature of Instagram. Digital branding agency is the agency which can help in gaining more information about the memes.

Denny’s Diner

His social media posts are highly appreciated and shared by consumers. So it’s not really an overstatement that Denny’s also uses meme marketing to increase their engagement with customers.


Netflix, like Denny’s, has also always been interactive with its followers on social media. In addition to meme marketing, Netflix also uses internet jargon and informal language with its audience. Netflix has its own subaccount called “Netflix is ​​a joke” on its social platforms that are used specifically for meme marketing. Here’s the trick, though: Netflix creates memes from its own shows instead of using the already viral templates, thereby promoting its shows and increasing its audience. They use their own content as the basis for the joke, and the public loves that!


Disney has focused on children and adults alike. But considering Gen-Z’s population on social media, the entertainment giant has also dedicated itself to sharing memes on its various social media accounts around the world, with memes that its region-specific audience can use. Identify.

Disney also creates memes from its own shows, like Netflix, but also mixes them with the most popular memes in pop culture, so it also keeps up to date. This keeps the content relatable and encourages the audience to interact with memes as well.


BarkBox is an online pet shopping site and is very popular for its subscription boxes. It is highly advantageous for them to be a pet store as they can widely use the viral memes of animals and, predominantly, the well-known “Doggo” memes. by clicking in this link you will get all the information related to the role of meme in digital marketing.

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