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Top 10 (Updated) Affiliate Programs and Networks in India

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Affiliate Programs and Networks in India

Bloggers and webmasters use these programs to generate revenue online.

The Affiliate Program provides commissions to affiliates for all products and services sold. Affiliates create websites and blogs to increase traffic and increase sales and earn commissions for them. Therefore, Affiliate Marketers are prolific bloggers and marketers. The incentives that affiliate programs offer to marketers vary from program to program. The main attraction of each program is the commission rate and the bonuses they offer. From the perspective of an affiliate marketer, the combination of wages and products makes the program attractive.

Below are the top 10 affiliate programs in India.

1. Hostgator affiliate
Hostgator is a well-known web hosting company. We have a wide customer base not only in the world but also in India. That’s why affiliates are a great way to sell their products and make money. Affiliates know that it’s easier to sell a recognized product than to sell an unknown product.

2. ShopClues Affiliate
The site also offers themed sales dates such as Sunday Market, Wednesday’s Super Saver Bazaar, wholesale merchandise, and holiday sales.

3.NearBuy Affiliate
This site is a vast area spanning 35 cities in India. As a result, this site can serve a wide range of customers, making it easier to create content. Consider a client looking for a dentist near you. This is perfect for bloggers working with dental supplies.

4. Affiliates admit
Admitad Affiliate Program AdmitAd was launched in India in 2015 and has already spread throughout affiliate marketing water. This program offers the most attractive CPA affiliate program for both bloggers and webmasters.

5. eBay Affiliate
Due to the wide range of products available on eBay, an affiliate program has been launched that allows bloggers and webmasters to promote the products sold on eBay and earn commissions after they are sold from the link.

6. Make My Trip Affiliate
Travellers can book quickly from the portal. You can Book plane or train tickets, book hotels, and other accommodations. All of this can be done from the portal. Make My Trip also offers a very high commission rate on sales generated by its affiliates. This is a desirable affiliate network due to less competition.

7. Big Rock Affiliate
This is a complete hosting provider that allows affiliates to sell different services under one brand.

8. Amazon Affiliate
In addition, the wide range of product configurations allows affiliates to secure large inventories to provide to their customers. In addition to a wide range of consumer products, customers also have access to Amazon-branded products such as Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Prime Video, and Kindle.

9. Flipkart affiliate
The site is similar to Amazon and has emerged as a formidable rival to the world’s leading affiliate programs. Different categories of Flipkart attract different fees, so affiliates need to review them before deciding which products to advertise.

10. VCommission Affiliate
This network is an e-commerce facilitator in the sense that it has knowledge of CPS campaigns and helps to drive sales. Leads generated from the network are validated and guaranteed, so there is a commission for each sale

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