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Top 10 Android App Development Trends

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Top 10 Android App Development Trends

Android App Development Trends

The industry of Android app development is growing at an alarming speed, which is enhanced by the advent of 5G technology across the globe as well as the rapid growth of the Internet of Things. A Statista report claims the existence of 3.2 billion people using smartphones across the world currently. The growing trend of remote work has also fueled the need for complete digital change on a global level. Let’s look at some of the most popular developments within Android App Development in 2022.

Chatbots/assistant Integration

To build trust with customers and provide a pleasant customer experience, many companies are using chatbots powered by AI/ML that offer all-hours customer service in the app. This technology can answer common questions of customers, while more complex queries are routed to a live representative. The latest technology within Android development is the voice-enabled chatbots that use Speech-to-Text as well as Text-to-Speech Services that can be used to distinguish themselves from other applications. In a strategic sense, it is beneficial to incorporate chatbots as they’re based on advanced ML algorithms that allow massive quantities of data can be separated and relevant information to be provided to the user without human intervention. The efficiency of operations can be increased by using chatbots, and in addition, significant cost reductions can be achieved by eliminating the requirement to employ staff to assist customers.


Android application development will see an enormous boost due to the growing number of devices that are connected, be they smartwatches, smart home assistants, security systems, or assistants among others. Google’s IoT platform facilitates IoT integration by allowing development using Android APIs that run on Android Studio. Developers must consider the APIs as well as the logic connectors that enable applications to interact with devices, which are made by various companies. IoT application development is also called M2M application creation (Machine-to-Machine development). Software developers involved in IoT must develop a fully functioning cloud-based dashboard that is either mobile or web-based mobile, and then move on towards the integration of networking and hardware components.


Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) are not brand new in the IT/Software industry but have been evolving steadily in the last few years.

EMM is the modernization of processes, technology, and the people connected to mobile computing. This includes wrapping and containerization as well as mobile device management and enterprise synchronization that are all aimed at attaining common objectives.

Application Performance Management involves monitoring speed as well as precision at the rate at which transactions are executed by users, systems, and the underlying network infrastructure to ensure total, complete visibility into the performance of your applications. If your apps aren’t working as expected the data is gathered at the root of the issue, and then analyzed to find solutions.

APM & EMM are providing constant support to Android development, and are expected to gain ground in 2022.

Android Instant Apps

Developers can transform existing apps into Android Instant Apps (such apps permit users to access the content of an application without having to install it). They will help users save time and also free up the space they have on their phones. Google Instant Applications are simple to share and use. Developers must be aware of obtaining the unique device IDs (IMSI, IMEI Mac Address, Build Serial, and so on.) and push notifications. Once they have this, they have the option of being minimalist in their method of operation.

Blockchain Technology

App development that is decentralized, safe in authentication, and offers complete transparency is what app developers want using the blockchain technology used in Android development. Smart contracts-based software applications help make online transactions more secure while also allowing users to use cryptocurrency. Unauthorized access to financial information is eliminated which makes blockchain technology perfect for education, finance, and e-commerce.

AI/ML Integration

The projects that were impossible in the past have been made feasible through AI ML models that cannot just automate, test the code, and then deploy it through auto-learning but increase the productivity of developers four times more. Analytics, Big Data processing, and process automation can all be achieved through AI/ML integration specifically to get onto the On-demand app field which is an increasing trend for app development in 2022. Artificial Intelligence is the way to go for Android application development.

Technology for beacons

Google’s beacon platforms provide features that make a search using location more useful and practical to customers. Bluetooth beacons utilize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to provide unique identification and make use of the power of fully functioning GPS in addition to navigation. The most significant benefit of using beacon technology in your Android app is that it’s a very reasonable cost and generates a large number of leads as well as sales.

Android Jetpack

As per the official Android developer platform, Jetpack is a suite of libraries designed to assist developers to adhere to the best methods, eliminating the amount of boilerplate code they write, and creating codes that work consistently for the various Android devices. The latest features added recently include View interoperability, additional Materials UI components, as well as a wealth of tools for developers to develop top-quality applications.

Wearables with wearable apps

The development of apps for wearable gadgets is an emerging trend that’s going to be around for a while. Developers can utilize Android Studio to test their apps with various screen sizes and shapes, after introducing features like Wi-Fi connectivity simple navigation with wrist gestures, and single-button clicks. The developers who work in the fields of healthcare, sports, and other associated industries would be wise to take their apps into the top tier by taking advantage of the trend of developing wearable apps.

Mobile e-commerce

Because mobile commerce is ruling the field in all areas it is important for developers to ensure that their app is multi-platform capabilities with inviolable security protocols, and full support after the app goes into operation. Making the right decisions about the essential functionality as well as market research is vital for an effective mobile e-commerce application. Another aspect to think about is the top-of-the-line personalized as well as recommendation algorithm that ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction and boosts conversion rates.

Another worthy point is the rise of devices that fold that are expected to gain a lot of traction by 2022. Samsung phones are taking the lead in recent times, closely being followed by Motorola.



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