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10 Frequently Seen Social Media Marketing Mistakes!

Now-a-days Social media marketing has become the most popular marketing techniques among several brands. Each and every brand is hopping on to the bandwagon of social media marketing . Why? This turns out to be a very simple – that’s where the crowd is. “Social media”, if used in the right way, has enormous potential to build the brand and grow the customer base. But all the efforts could go in vein if you make some common social media marketing mistakes.

Like these 🙂

  1. Failing to create a social media strategy

A brand cannot function effectively unless it is defined flawlessly. It should have a clear set of target group, an objective and a set of characteristics or properties. The same way, social media strategy is very important in order for the brand to perform effectively in social media platforms. Several companies/brands out there do not consider social media as an important or operative marketing tool and hence they completely miss out on the strategy part. however, this one stands out to be one of the biggest mistakes in social media marketing that one must never make.

Develop your brand’s very own social media strategy – it’s an essential foundation to everything that you do in social media.

A perfectly planned and a well-defined social media marketing strategy consists of an action plan and clearly defined goals. Hence, this will prove to be a beneficial element in brand building and SMM.

2. Not tracking results

Social media marketing is a powerful tool to earn very good results in a short time. The best part of it is that, the results can be tracked down real time. This permits you to make strategic changes in your campaign and target audiences if required. A non- performing ad can be stopped or paused, and this would enable in saving your budget until the ad is optimized.

Do not disregard or neglect to track your results.

3. Treating all social media platforms, the same

Every social media platform has its own customs, language, audience and type of content. If you want to be more productive, you have to understand the differences between these social networks. The crucial element is to learn how people communicate on the entire social network you participate in. Don’t post the same message on all social media platforms. Understand which message resonates the best in each social media platforms that you use.

4. Dealing with Negative feedback

Negative feedbacks are definitely not so welcoming, but it provides an opportunity to improve the quality of our service and build trust within the brand community. Never ignore or delete the comments or statements of an unhappy customers. Some brands are so ignorant that they reply the customers with even harsher statements. But think these negative comments from a different perspective. This is a chance for you to turn this unhappy customer into a loyal customer with the best service quality. Communicate with the customer privately and understand their problem and provide an apt solution. This way, customers would be happy with your customer support wing and this might leave a positive impact in their mind as well.

5. spamming

This is one of the worst social media mistakes by companies that must be avoided at any cost. throwing links in the content and sales promotion of all social networks wont work.and Using of automatic and spammy links never work marketing in social media is of an another level it is not another advertising channel to post stuff. as an alternative try to interact with your audience.

6. No real Followers

Little interaction means no real followers. There are many people who buy followers just to make them look better among other competitor brands. But these people are either not active, else the profiles are fake. Hence, buying followers won’t do anything good for the brand. This means you don’t have real customer support and this will weaken your social presence. Avoid this by building a slow and steady network of real people.

7. Not engaging with audiences

Increasing engagement is important for every brand who strives to carve a space for themselves in social media. Many brands tend to ignore the comments and feedback on their feed, which will give an impression of disinterestedness in the minds of audiences.

Responding back to the client as soon as possible is also an important thing to keep in mind. Responding towards likes or comments, reflects your customers to engage with your brand.

8. Targeting audience

Social media has become a huge platform where you can connect with your target group or audiences who fit into buying persona of your brand. If you have not defined your target audiences, then the results will definitely be disappointing.

9. Skipping a social media policy

Most crisis in social media platforms happen because of the lack of a good social media policy. Social media policies should deliver unblemished guidelines for appropriate use and outline expectations.

  1. Copyright guidelines: It is not necessary that employees understand how copyright works online. Provide instructions on how to use and credit third-party content.
  2. Privacy guidelines: Stipulate on the details of how to interact with customers online. Give your social team pertinent direction on when to take the conversation to a private channel.
  3. Confidentiality guidelines: Certain business information must be kept in wraps, specify these details clearly to the employees.
  4. Motto guidelines: Brand voice is important for any brand as it reflects the brand personality itself. Clarify the brand voice to your social media team and work accordingly.

10. Not being regular

creating a strategy for your brand is not enough, but to become regular with your posts also marrers. If you fail to post even for a single day, it will eventually affect your impressions and engagement rates. This will spoil all the efforts that you would have put in over time. Not being regular with your updates means your content can get hidden from most of your followers.

There is no certain thing that you need to do to make your social media posts and page top notch. It is all about taking care of each and every aspect of your brand and aligning it with the goals and objectives.

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