5 Steps to Discovering the Ideal Client Persona for Your High-End Brand

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5 Steps to Discovering the Ideal Client Persona for Your High-End Brand

Defining Your Best Customer Personality for a high-end brand

In a standard business model, a problem you want to solve with your product and service is the starting point. In a luxury business model, you start by creating a new universe for the main goal. By creating a new reality, your high-end brand will be the agent of change and will be very different from the others.

Do not aim to sell 1% of the population to the general public. Be particular: In high-net-worth individuals, luxury clients can choose sub-locations. Want to sell to young and successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, to more mature investors in these companies, or both? In luxury home decor, it is clear that despite the income that entrepreneurs and investors can afford, investors are only interested in silver plated flooring, crystal flute, and some home decor.

Customer specification system Lifestyle coding system for a high-end brand

For a product or service to be successful, you must first become an expert in the lifestyle of your customers and be adept at transforming their lifestyle into beautifully designed products and services. You need to understand the experiences, people, places, and so on that your customers want and inspire them.

This is not a compilation of their demographic data with some key “interests” and “preferences” – a complete understanding of your consumer as an anthropologist understands a culture. Once it is determined, it will insert your brand – product is not necessary – in that culture brand and products will become important contributors to the lifestyle of the consumer.

Lifestyle coding is the study of the key lifestyle of your goal to find your ideal client profile. For example, if you find someone who loves racing, they will be interested in stylish car parts, antique vehicles, sailing, and racing clubs.

5 Steps to Defining Your Best Customer Personality for a high-end brand

There are five steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. The more specific details you know about your target customer, the more likely you are to truly engage with them. Get a clear understanding of your core location and find out where customers are and what they want. Once you find the right customers, you can sell to them anytime.

1. Identify the Customer Avatar section

Identify a unique group, such as a group of people or a group of businesses. For example, a group of people may have similar lifestyles, aspirations, or interests. The group of companies that run similar businesses includes businesses such as private airlines, luxury yachts, and Michelin star restaurants. You need to think about the existing customer and create your customer avatar around him.

2. Describe the customer avatar in detail

Once you have determined the segment you want to target, you need to be an expert in understanding your best customers based on as many details as possible. Collect information such as age, gender, income, job title, marital status, location, children, habits, hobbies, and anything related to your business.

3. Desires and aspirations

The third step in defining your customer incarnation is to find out what your customers want for themselves and those around them. Think about how you help them achieve their aspirations and goals. Can you give them something that will change their lives?

4. Key Purchasing Drivers

What is most important to your customers in your product or service? Is this a quality expectation or feature? Are these expectations in terms of customer service? Look at the decision to purchase the product and who is involved in the potential purchase objections.

5. “Before” and “behind” position

In the last step, think about how your product or service will change the lives of your customers. What does your avatar experience before and after purchasing your product? How does the best customer feel before and after? How did the lifestyle of expectation change after the purchase?

Once the customer avatar is set up, the brand message should be designed based on the needs, aspirations, and preferences of your best customers.

A luxury brand does not target the mass of its product, so you need to identify a key segment and target your product towards it. Clarity at the desired end will determine the success of your business.

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