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7 Digital Marketing Trends for Banks in 2020

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Digital Marketing means all efforts of marketing through the online medium like social media, websites, etc. Digital Marketing is also known as Internet marketing, and it becomes a trend nowadays due to various benefits of this like low cost, detailed targeting and many more other attractive features.

Digital marketing also is helpful in the banking industry as due to widening of the online banking sector, banks need to market themselves to educate the customers or market new schemes that benefit the society as well as helps in increasing the investment of the banks. 

7 Digital Marketing Trends for Banks:

1. Chat-bots:
They are the automatic messages that you can preset to solve the customer’s queries faster. In
banks, they are useful as in they solve the small questions of customers like updated interest
rates, customer numbers, new schemes etc. 
The most significant feature of this trend is that it is available at 24/7 so it can effectively
manage the customer’s needs.

2. Video Marketing:
The next trend is video marketing. Banks can also focus on video marketing on the internet to gain more customer trust as well as more investment.  Video Marketing with animation can be the best option for the banks to promote their schemes and aware their customers about the new updates in the banks to facilitate better investment and more accounts in the banks.

3. Personalization:
With the advent of the internet, vivid opportunities are there to focus on the customer. Online Advertisement like Custom Intent campaigns, banks can focus on the customer that is actively searching for banking services such as loans, interest, investment opportunities, etc.  Banks can also consider email marketing as it is the best option for personalization and making a one-to-one relationship with the customer to facilitate customer’s trust in the bank.

4. Omnichannel Marketing:
Omni-channel advertising is the way toward promoting over various stages, (for example, social media, applications, email and blogs) so you can interface with possibilities on more touch- points. At the point when you do omnichannel advertising right, banks can offer an improved client experience and durable brand message that drives individuals to activity.

5. Augmented Reality (AR):
It is the new trend that is making a buzz this year. It can be explained with the help of example like Lenskart; they have an augmented reality feature in which you can test every lens through your face. This is known as augmented reality.  Banks can also conduct this feature into their services or application (Apps)

6. Voice Marketing:
With these quickly developing advanced showcasing patterns, it is impossible that your standard pipe can remain the equivalent. It must advance. In 2020, the direct channel will stop to be necessary. That change is now in progress.  In the new voice showcasing channel, leads can enter the pipe at various phases of the client venture, the same number of shoppers presently direct their very own excellent deal research on the web. This refreshed model requests that every client is treated as a person rather than a nonexclusive possibility.

7. Artificial Intelligence:
The banks can also use this AI to facilitate better decision making in the functioning of the banks. From personalized journey to customer behavior on the website, AI helps in every aspect of the customer journey in the purchasing process of the banks.

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