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Importance of SSL in the Dedicated Hosting

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Dedicated Hosting are several cyberattacks happening worldwide that give the million-dollar loss. There are many huge companies that are facing great losses due to data breaches and malicious attacks. Hence, website owner prefers SSL certifications for all their hosted websites. SSL certifications ensure there are no security loopholes in your hosting operation. Moreover, such certifications automatically encrypt the sensitive data between browsers and information. Therefore, if you are running a small business or large enterprise, and having volumes of data on your website, SSL certifications will safeguard your online credibility. MilesWeb’s India bare metal server hosting should be on your to-do list to securely purchase and scale your online business. 

MilesWeb’s managed dedicated server option if you are looking for a secured hosting option. We are focusing on dedicated hosting because it gives an isolated hosting environment to website owners. It means no server resources are being shared with other hosting account users like what happens in shared hosting services. In this guide, let us see how SSL certifications are helpful in dedicated hosting services. Keep reading to know the answer. 

Benefits of SSL Certifications

The SSL certificate is essential to safeguard to protect your websites from all kinds of data hacking attempts and malicious activities. Hence, if hackers want to breach your data, they cannot do this task easily because SSL certificates will keep all your sites’ sensitive data or information in an encrypted format. Thus, reliable web hosting companies like MilesWeb offer free SSL certifications with all their hosting services.

Even with their dedicated hosting services, you will be getting SSL certifications free of cost so that there are no security-related issues also, if you are hosting resources-intensive applications like eCommerce websites, business software, project management software and other mission-critical web projects. 

Give your organization and internet users a smooth and secured web experience with SSL encrypted domains. Besides, search engines also prefer sites having SSL certifications hand have the HTTPS in the URL address. 

How Can I Know If a Website Is Using an SSL certificate?

To know whether websites have SSL certifications, check their URL address. In the URL address, if you see that there is HTTPS, the ‘S’ denotes to secured. Moreover, such websites have a secured padlock icon in the top left of the URL bar. Web browsers also give a warning error to visitors accessing unsecured websites. And unsecured browsing websites put data security at risk. Hence, SSL certificates are essential. 

Let us look at a few essential benefits of having SSL certificates in dedicated hosting. 

Advantages of SSL Certifications in the Dedicated Hosting

Although dedicated hosting servers provide an isolated hosting environment, you still need SSL certifications. 

  • Boosts your customer’s faith

Dedicated hosting services are meant for enterprises and organizations. Therefore, if companies and businesses have professional websites on dedicated servers, business owners look to secure their data and information. After all, none of the online visitors will browse an unsecured website with no data security assurance. So, SSL certifications become an utmost priority for biz owners to host their sites with complete efficiency. 

  • Boost your search engine ranking

There are billions of websites available in the internet space. So, how can you get good rankings for your website? First, you have to optimize your site with all SEO measures like keyword optimization, content quality and others. Second, websites security is essential that determines the site ranking. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others successfully endorse websites having SSL certifications. Even secured websites will generate more traffic and revenue for your brand. Therefore, SSL certifications are essential to building a successful online presence. 

  • Protect your client payments

In this crucial web era, most of our personal information is available on the internet. Suppose your brand is running an eCommerce site; it will have different kinds of customers’ information and business-related data like financial transactions. Credit card, debit card and net banking details come under sensitive information. So, if you’re accepting payments from customers, have an SSL certificate to secure sensitive information, so your customers don’t have to worry about data breaches. 

  • Website speed & affordable

SSL certificates also play a key role in decompressing the site’s size, and hence it boosts the speed of websites. As a result, the website’s scaling, marketing, and optimization are easier with them.

Final Say

Undoubtedly, SSL certificates play a crucial role in building websites’ credibility. The more secured websites will be, the higher traffic generation, leads, and revenue. MilesWeb offers SSL certifications with their dedicated hosting services for a secured and reliable web hosting experience. They offer a guaranteed uptime of 99.95% with enterprise-level hardware and an isolated hosting environment. 

Also, their dedicated hosting services are accessible on Windows and Linux operating systems.

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