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Amazon Marketing Statistics You Should Know In 2021

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Amazon Marketing Statistics

Today, Amazon marketing is the global leader in e-commerce as an online store for everything since selling books in 1994. As the site has evolved, so have its customers. These days, competition between sellers is tough, and brands on Amazon are always looking for ways to outdo each other.

This past year has proven that businesses can sustain almost anything, considering the right strategies. If you own an Amazon store or manage an Amazon marketing company, you need to continue to sell with Amazon Marketing Figures 2021 and keep your brand as the best choice for online buyers.

Here are the best Amazon Marketing Statistics

The popularity of Amazon

Amazon’s reputation is undeniable. Amazon tops the list of most popular shopping processors in the United States. 150.6 million mobile users accessed the Amazon processor in September 2019 (Statista, 2019). It is also worth noting that Amazon is ahead of its competition. The second-ranked shopping processor, Walmart, had a monthly mobile app audience of only 76.45 million users.

Mobile shopping is becoming popular among online people. Shopping apps may be due to their uninterrupted experience in delivering to their customers. Shopping online is becoming much simpler and less stressful. It also adds to the fact that customers can buy their favorite products on the go.

Customers Trust Amazon

Customers trust Amazon. And for good reason. Based on a survey of more than 2000+ U.S. customers, 89 percent of buyers agree that they are more likely to buy products from Amazon than other eCommerce sites (Feedvisor, 2019). There is no denying that Amazon is at the center of eCommerce. Also, This point is especially true for customers who purchase products online. Moreover, Ninety-eight percent of daily or almost everyday buyers on Amazon and 99 percent of those who buy on Amazon a few times a week agree that

Amazon is attracted to its competitor

Amazon is constantly committed to providing customers with a reliable online shopping experience. Moreover,  In a way, customers know exactly what they are achieving.

Number of Amazon Prime members

Amazon’s Prime membership program continues to reach the growing online shopping scene. Also, It currently has 150 million Prime subscribers, a 50 percent increase from 100 million in April 2018 (VentureBeed, 2020).

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service provided by Amazon. The project was launched in 2005 and is available internationally. The subscription includes services such as free two-day (or faster) shipping, music, and video streaming, and many more benefits.

Amazon revenue

As global eCommerce sales continue to grow, it is not surprising that as the world’s leading eCommerce company, Amazon’s revenue reflects similar growth.

Amazon’s latest financial figures show that the company earned $ 125.6 billion in sales revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020 (Amazon, 2021). This represents a 44 percent increase per year.

The topmost Amazon Product Category

Of all the product types, the Electronics category was the most popular product purchased by Amazon shoppers in the United States. 44% of US Amazon shoppers buy electronics through Amazon (Feedvisor, 2019). It is followed by clothing, shoes, and jewelry at 43 percent, and home and kitchen items at 39 percent.

Amazon usage by device

Although the world of technology has initially become mobile-friendly, online shoppers who use Amazon prefer the desktop over mobile when making a purchase. Moreover, 67% of Amazon shoppers prefer to shop using their desktop computer or laptop (CPC Strategy, 2018). In comparison, 24 percent of shoppers also preferred to shop using mobile devices. This statistic shows the types of devices used by online shoppers in the United States when shopping on Amazon. Hence, The Amazon Echo (voice-enabled device) has the lowest usage rate.


After looking at these Amazon stats, it is safe to say that Amazon is staying here. Hence, This is a site full of opportunities for sellers from every industry. Take these Amazon figures to build a comprehensive understanding of the platform to have the tools you need to increase your presence in the Amazon market in the coming years.

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