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A Beginners Guide to Custom Branded Apparel for Your Business

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Branded Apparel for Your Business

Custom-branded apparel is going to help your business stand out from the crowd, and it is going to help it stand out from the competition too. It can help to foster trust and create a positive image. Apparel must be appealing, and it must be professional. If apparel is not carefully considered and thought out, it could end up sending the wrong message to customers. This guide will help you make the right decisions and choices for custom apparel.

Decide What Apparel You Need

Begin by deciding what apparel you need. For instance, do you require sweatshirts and T-shirts all year round? Or are you looking for employees and other team members to wear a branded top or shirt? Are pants important to the overall look? What do you envisage employees looking like? When you can think about how you want them to look, you can then begin to break down just what apparel you will need. Remember to think about seasonal wear, too, especially if you want to maintain branded apparel in the wintertime.

Quantities and Numbers

How many pieces of apparel are you going to want? Are you going to give each member of staff two sets, and are you going to have some T-shirts (or other items) as spares? When you are making a purchase, there may be a minimum order you have to fulfill, so look at this and compare it to the numbers you are working with. Extra apparel is always worth having to hand in, so factor this into your decision.

Don’t Forget About Badges and Accessories

Even though you are going for branded apparel, you will wish to have name badges for team members. You may even wish to have accessories such as caps, sunglasses, bottles, and coffee holders (especially if you have team members traveling or moving around). Badges can allow customers to connect with team members, and they can allow staff to appear more approachable. When you are looking for a Badge maker, think about the style of name badge you want. For example, do you want a wooden badge, or are you looking for a plastic badge?

Choosing a Color

Are you going to want apparel to match the colors of your store or brand? Or are you going to go for something neutral? Ideally, you want a color that is going to be complimentary to all team members and non-offensive in any way. If you already have team members on board, then reach out to them for their ideas and suggestions.

Deciding on a Budget

Custom-branded apparel needs to be budgeted for, especially if you are purchasing large quantities. Or perhaps if you are purchasing apparel for a whole year. When you are establishing a budget, you need to think about quality as well. You do not want to have to compromise on the quality of the clothing and apparel you choose, as this will mean that you end up buying more items in a shorter timeframe.


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