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Add Me To Search: How You Can Create Google People Card In 2023 [Updated]

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Add Me To Search How You Can Create Google People Card In 2022

What is a Google People card?

Google is always trying to differentiate itself from other competitors and find something new that will make people happy and motivate them to spend time on the internet directly or indirectly. But this time, Google has recently introduced something new to encourage people to comment, suggest and create and showcase their online presence through the Google People Card, which leads to today’s topic “How to Add Yourself to Google Search”.

People cards allow themselves to be noticed on search engine results pages (SERP) like never before. This new thing is another limited release only in India. Then, see how you can create a “people card” for yourself and your friends in just a few steps.

How To Create Your Own People Card On Google Search?

Step1: Search “Add Me To Google Search” On Google

The first step always starts with Google; Open a browser on a mobile phone or Google Search app (this feature is only available on mobile devices Android, iPhone, or iPad) and search for “Add me to Google Search”. You will see many options but select the first option “Add yourself to Google Search”. Tap “Start” to start creating your new card.

Step 2: Fill out the information that you want to share publicly on your card

Time to fill in your information, click on the “Start” button and fill in required and optional fields as per your requirement.

  • Name
  • Location
  • About
  • Occupation and Other Details

You may add other information at your discretion; Local tracking is easily implemented if you fill in more opportunities to show up in SERP. Google allows you to add your social media links below the additional optional information.

Things are more straightforward and better than it seems to people. You will find that Google allows you to fill in most of the information manually to keep only updated information. But Google will fill the email and phone number fields automatically.

But if you want to change them, you need to log in with another account and phone number, which you need to update through account settings. However, as Google respects its users, you can hide your contact information if you wish. But if you offer any shorter services, this is a great opportunity to add an easy way to contact you.

Step 3: Preview Your People Card

You can preview your “People Card” before publishing it, and once you’re satisfied with the card’s appearance, you can save it right away and instantly index it in search results.

If you want to share or view it, you can search by your name.

Step 4: Submit Your People Card

After Previewing, You are ready to Submit Your People card.

How to Make Your Google People Card more effective?

Once your Google People Card is created, everyone who searches for your name on Google will see it. To make your Google People Card more practical, don’t forget to include all the relevant information you want to share.

For example, you may want to include your email address, phone number, website, or social media links. Adding this information will make it easier for others to connect with you and learn more about you.

Additionally, make sure to keep your Google People Card up-to-date so that your contact information is always accurate. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your Google People Card is useful and helps you connect with others.

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