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Can you hear me?

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You know your brand needs a voice strategy Most companies focus on creating a powerful visual identity, but many forget an important detail which is to create a verbal identity according to their brand personality. And well after creating a unique identity and defining a brand personality, you have to consider the way in which that personality is going to be transmitted. The answer is: through what you show (visual identity), what you say (verbal identity) and what you do (brand behaviour).

However, in this article, we will focus on the voice of the brand, the one forgotten in most brand strategies and no less important than the image, since it plays a very important role in the creation of a strong brand since those details are what allow it to differentiate itself.

What is the voice Identity of a brand?
Have you noticed how different a businessman talks to a hippie or a cholo? It is true they are very extreme examples but what I want to imply is that the way of speaking says a lot about someone. The same happens with brands. That is why a verbal identity is a Digital branding company india tool that allows a brand to transmit its messages in a strategic way, aligned with its value proposition and personality to build the appropriate perceptions that it wants its public to perceive and associate with it.

How is the voice of the brand created?

Message matrix
First of all, you must have a message matrix, which is a guide with which we define what we tell each of our audiences (target audience, ideal client, team, board of directors, suppliers, press …) to build perception that of our brand we want them to have. This serves to provide the brand with content, to tell what is its why, what is its promise to make the world a better place, what is its attitude and personality, how it sees life and what it proposes to us. For example, a list of main and secondary messages can be prepared for each type of audience. With the message matrix, the key is to define the key ideas to convey. The final copy will be determined by the time and medium in which it is to be released Digital branding Agency india.

Brand voice Very important: thinking about how we are going to communicate is not enough. We have to think about what we want others to understand, not only from our objectives as a company but from the specific context in which our audiences are (according to their needs, motivations, desires, expectations …)Advertising Agency India

The voice Now that we know that the voice is the verbal extension of the brand personality. Or put in a simpler way, the voice verbally transmits what the brand is like.

Tone We call tone the way in which the brand expresses itself according to the environment or situation in which it finds itself.

The voice must always be the same because it is what communicates your brand personality, while the tone adapts. The tone is made up of the words and expressions used. Insult? Do you use fillers? How do you express yourself in a sad situation?

Depending on this objective, the tone of the communication may be:

  • Professional
  • Corporate or formal
  • Informal
  • Near
  • Humorous
  • Demonstrative
  • Explanatory
  • Testimonial
  • Informative

All these elements that include the voice of the brand must be defined in the verbal identity manual, which must be raised by the group of people who work in the company.

Why? Because the voice must always be the same and you should not risk that each one communicates and expresses herself in her own way.

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