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Create your first LinkedIn campaign

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How to create your first campaign in LinkedIn

What is a LinkedIn campaign?

LinkedIn is objective-based advertising that helps advertisers build ad campaigns around particular business goals. Similarly, Businesses work through stages of a sales funnel, from awareness to conversion. You will need to follow important steps while starting a Linkedin campaign.

What do you need to start a LinkedIn campaign?

7 Items You Need before You Launch your campaign

  • The Right Audience – To send the right message to the right receivers, you require effective list segmentation
  • Subject Line Stand-Out
  • Targeted Message
  • Responsive Formatting
  • Rendering
  • Clear CTAs
  • Easy Unsubscribe

How to create your first LinkedIn campaign?

Sign in to Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager is the advertising platform is to coordinate operations such as fundraising, advertising, polling, and other activities supporting the effort on LinkedIn. After creating an account, this platform will guide you through each step of starting up your first campaign. Understand how to prepare for your first campaign, and then view an overview of the steps in this process.

Choose your objective

An objective is a plan you want your audience to take upon seeing your adverts. Choosing your objective helps show ad formats, features, and bid types that support your chosen objective during campaign creation. Get a full view of the available objectives in Campaign Manager before launching.

Build your target audience

Next, you will be guided to build and protect an audience for your campaign. You can target professional features like job title, company name, and business type, target by professional or personal interests, or modify by bringing in your data using Matched Audiences that include retargeting, email contact targeting, and account-based targeting.

Choose your ad format

After building your clients, you will be asked to select an ad format for your first campaign. Depending upon your objective, you can choose from the various Sponsored Content formats (single-image or video ads in LinkedIn), Message Ads (that show up in LinkedIn messages), or Text Ads.

Set your bid and budget

Having the right initial budget will help you operate or control costs and approve your marketing strategy. Learn how to plan your starting budget first and adjust it over time depended on campaign performance.

The Campaign Manager will recommend a range based on current practice for your target audience.

Set up your ad create

You create Sponsored Content and Text Ads so the Campaign Manager will cause previews in different sizes and environments, then you can see what they will look like. For Message Ads, you can send yourself a text message to preview.

 Best practices differ depending on the ad format (like Sponsored Content, Message Ads, or Text Ads), so mention these guidelines and tips to develop the most effective ads for your business.

Save your billing information

By last, the final step before launching your first campaign is setting up your payment details. You should enter a debit or credit card, save that, and your campaign will register a review process before launching.

How do I run a successful LinkedIn Ad campaign?

Here are the main seven steps to have successful LinkedIn Advertising

Choose Self-Service or Managed Campaigns

LinkedIn is an all-in-one advertising platform that makes it fast and simple to begin a self-service campaign with Text Ads and Sponsored Content. Use the Campaign Manager to configure ads and check progress.

Get Started with Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager is the centre of your LinkedIn advertising activity. You will find detailed results of your performance of ads, including members who clicked on your ads, engagement with Sponsored Content, and more.

Choose Your Ad Format

Choose whether to create Sponsored Content, Text Ads, or both. Sponsored content appears in LinkedIn member feeds. A good way to start Sponsored Content is to promote your top-performing updates. Those updates were a hit with your existing followers, so they are most likely to sue a broader audience.

Create Your Ads

For Sponsored Content, you can select an update to your Company Page to promote new Sponsored Content. Try creating various versions of your Sponsored Content with variations on the creative to see which gives you the best results.

Target Your Ads

One of the biggest merits of advertising on LinkedIn is aiming based on first-party, self-reported information. As you select criteria, the Campaign Manager will show your calculated target audience size in the right sidebar. It is best to select the clients who are broad enough to produce statistically significant results for the next round of optimization.

Set Your Budget

You can select to bid on cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-impression (CPM). Use CPC when the click is directly related to a conversion, such as a webinar registration or lead capture. CPM is very useful for you in raising brand awareness.

Measure and Optimize

The LinkedIn auction system rewards ads with higher engagement. So it is important to continually review your results, avoid low-performing ads, and advertise high-performing ones. Keep an eye on the details provided in Campaign Manager, and have a persistent view to test new variations based on your initial results.

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