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A detailed explanation of the Inbound Marketing Process

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What is Inbound Marketing Process

What is Inbound marketing?  

Inbound marketing is, in simple terms, the process of helping potential customers find your company. This often happens before the customer is ready to buy, but communicating in advance becomes a brand option and, ultimately, lead and revenue.

Common problems that inbound marketing can solve

When implementing a long-term strategy, Inbound marketing is an investment that will help increase brand awareness, liking, and ultimately revenue.

  • I want to increase my brand awareness. Up to 93% of purchasing cycles start with an online search. If your company appears at the top of search results or is active on the searcher’s social network, you can naturally increase your brand awareness.
  • I want to improve my brand preference. By educating, entertaining and communicating with customers before you think about buying, you build trust.
  • I want to build more tracks but there is less to invest. It is a long-term investment that builds itself over time. Your results will be multiplied as you become more proficient in creating and curing content that naturally attracts organic tracks.
  • I do not know if I have the staff or budget to do the Inbound marketing. Also with many things, the more you engage in Inbound endeavors, the more you will get out of it.

ROI of a successful inbound marketing program

Inbound marketing is unique in that it generally has a lower pre-cost than other sales efforts, and when used properly it has a very impressive ROI.

  • Inbound marketing leads you. It generates three times more dollars per dollar than traditional methods (content marketing company).
  • Inbound marketing is easy on your budget. Businesses that rely primarily on it save more than $ 14 per new customer (HubSpot).
  • Inbound marketing has a proven ROI. Forty-four percent of brands that use marketing automation software see ROI within six months, while 75% see ROI a year later (Groove Digital Marketing).

Inbound Marketing Process

Get Educated on Inbound

Inbound marketing is an intuitive method, but with many features, it takes time to learn everything. Before you get started, really learn how to use thousands of free resources:

  1. Get the HubSpot Inbound certificate
  2. Read blogs: IMPACT, HubSpot, Kiss Metrics

Build Your Inbound Team                    

Inbound marketing is a “go-all-in” strategy. To do that right, you also need to create a team dedicated to its planning and implementation:

  1. Marketing strategist
  2. Content copywriter
  3. Designer
  4. Web developer
  5. Marketing Coordinator

Assess Your Current Marketing

Before starting a new marketing plan, it is important to take into account your current performance. Hence, Audit your current strategy and ask yourself:

  1. What is our current budget?
  2. What activities are we doing now?
  3. How do they work?

Define Your Marketing Goals

You also need to know what you are selling for. What is your business trying to achieve? What does it want people to do? Use these ideas to set goals:

  1. Smart (specific, scalable, achievable, realistic, timely)
  2. Align with your business goals

Clearly Define Buyer Personas & Journeys

You need to know who you are selling to, other than why you are selling. Create a buyer persona that tells you:

  • What is their population?
  • What is their role?
  • Which is their maximum gains?
  • What problems do you help them solve?
  • What is their story?

Build Your Marketing Game Plan

With your goals in mind, start combining the strategy and the tools/resources needed to achieve them. In your:

  • Content strategy
  • Alternate route
  • Technology needed

Build Your Launch pad Website

A useful website is the center of your Inbound marketing and leading generation efforts. Hence, It should be built around your marketing game plan and reflect your goals: It should be:

  • Professionally Designed
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Fully Search Engine Optimized
  • Mobile Responsive

Publish Content

But your content strategy into action! Content creation is also essential to establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry and getting found in search engines. This usually includes:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Premium Content to provide Leads
  • Content Outside of Your Website

Promote Your Content

  • Capitalize on Social Media
  • Distribute on relevant forums
  • Reach out to influencers
  • Send an email to your
  • Consider PPC/Paid Advertising

Evaluate Progress, Report, & Test!

What works in your Inbound marketing? Take the time to keep track of the various marketing metrics to measure your performance and see where things are going best.

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