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Five top Twitter accounts in digital marketing – Twitter Marketing Services  

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In the complex world of Marketing, nobody is born knowing. And even more so if we refer to Digital Marketing, in which a second can be the key to a certain positioning or be the object of that precious click that differentiates you from your competitors.

A second can make a difference for many of the actions we carry out in this sector, so being constantly updated and informed of every news or event is almost mandatory. This is something that many Marketing professionals are aware of, which we can see reflected in the dizzying activity they develop in the express social network par excellence: Twitter. In this post, there is a compilation of some of the most influential accounts in Marketing within this instantaneous network. It will serve as a guide and support for both professionals and lovers of this fast-paced and exciting sector.

MarketingDirecto @mkdirecto

Direct marketing
Talking about Direct Marketing is talking about the portal leader in information 2016 on the sector that includes Marketing, advertising, media, and new technologies. More than 336,000 followers endorse it. Data aside, the key to the success of this portal resides with total security in the mixture of immediacy and closeness, since it offers current news of general interest. All of this is expressed in non-technical language, which makes it ideal for all audiences.

eMarketer @eMarketer
This portal has more than 289,000 followers and specializes in studies and statistics related to Digital Marketing. It is essential if we want to support our figures and provide truth and contrast to our data. The only drawback that can be observed is that both the page and the account are in English, although a high level of this is not required to be able to understand and interpret the results.

Moz @Moz
Moz is one of the most potent portals in terms of resources and software focused on taking advantage of all the performance that SEO offers us. It mixes more technical content with another also indicated to the average user in English, so certain knowledge is required to be able to interact correctly with the information that is offered.

Vilma Núñez @Vilmanunez
This teacher, speaker, and entrepreneur at Bloonder and TycSocial have made a name for herself in the Digital Marketing environment and on her star network, Twitter. Also, he has created his project in the form of a blog, Triunfagram, where he writes about tips and tricks to optimize strategies. As a reference on Twitter, in addition to sharing its own content, it also reports on the latest trends in the sector.

Marketing4eCommerce @ Mkt4eCommerce

Marketing4eCommerce, a Spanish-speaking online magazine, is specialized in, as its name suggests, news, interviews, and events in the eCommerce environment. It also includes news that affects the direct environment related to Digital Marketing, such as trends in social networks.

Juan Carlos Mejía Llano @JuanCMejiaLlano

Juan Carlos Mejia Llano
With more than 404,000 followers, this Colombian consultant, teacher, lecturer, writer, Social Media, and blogger deals with all kinds of topics related to Digital Marketing. He has written several books about the sector and has also managed to connect with a broad audience thanks to his direct and simple language, ideal for expert users and amateurs.

Twitter Marketing Consulting

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