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Paytm continues to promote money transfers with latest ads

Paytm is digital financial services platform, has launched three new social media ads as part of a new
Money Transfer HuaEasy campaign to raise awareness that instant money transfers via the Paytm
app are still the way to go. Sending and receiving directly to your bank account is fast, secure and

Not only is ndia one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world, it is also home to the best fintech
solutions. The omni-channel payment platform Paytm brings a cashless digital experience to citizens
who do not have a national bank account.

Paytm is an abbreviation for “PayThrough Mobile”. It is an integrated platform for online shopping,
bill payments, mobile recharges, digital wallets, bank payments, investments, wealth management,
and point of sale. It is India’s largest payment system with flexible solutions and a customer-centric
approach. By putting technology at the forefront, it is one of India’s biggest beneficiaries of

You can use Paytm Wallet to make cashless payments even if you are not connected to the internet. Select the Payment or Send option, and select either the QR code or the barcode (provided in two separate tabs). Simply scan the code and enter the OTP to approve offline payments. This feature is especially useful when the entire country is facing a cash crisis and the internet connection is not yet sufficient to facilitate online trading.

The millennial film emphasizes that users can send money directly from a bank’s air conditioner for free by simply selecting the recipient’s mobile number. No KYC wallet required. Popular on social media, the film features Internet sensational Saloni Gaur, Danish Sait, and Paytm’s own Abhinav Kumar.

Prior to this, the company launched several television commercials that resonated with millions of Indians. While public interest remains high during the campaign, certain scenes from previous ads are particularly popular because they portray episodes of everyday life.

This includes an Indian wedding scene where the groom simply uses his mobile number to transfer money to his sister-in-law’s bank account, in return for which he returns his shoes and has a popular traditional version. Is an Indian marriage

In its latest series of movies, the company has released six large-scale entertainment movies as part of an effort to emphasize the ease of digital payments without having to fill out a KYC wallet. In addition to the obvious benefits, users are also guaranteed a robust security architecture, the highest transaction success rate in the industry, and the opportunity to get secure cashback . Abhinav Kumar, vice president of Paytm, commented on the company’s mew reach initiative, saying Paytm continues to work to expand the range of technologies that are affordable and easy to use for all citizens.

We believe that digital payment solutions are not only great facilitators for addressing day-to-day challenges, but also help improve the quality of life of our compatriots. Abhinav Kumar, Vice President of Paytm, said: Consumers can instantly make payments directly from their bank account by simply entering the recipient’s mobile number into the Paytm app.

Paytm VP Abhinav Kumar pointed out that no other steps like Wallet KYC are required, but there are
no transaction fees.

The new marketing campaign reflects that and aims to convey this message to consumers and make them aware of digital payment options. We also aim to further advance our mission to increase seamless digital transactions across the country, “said Abhinav Kumar, Vice President of Paytm.

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