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Google AdSense Complete Guide – 4 Steps

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Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Getting your website monetized is a great way to earn some money. However, you can only earn money if your website gets lots of traffic and Google deems it monetizable. Therefore, you need to activate your Google AdSense account to do so.

But why is activating your AdSense account important and necessary for bloggers and content creators? To get your answer to this question, you need to read this blog. We have also explained how to create your Google AdSense account and how to set up Ads and payment options through it

What Is Google AdSense?

As the name suggests, Google AdSense is one of the various ways through which online content creators can earn money. It is a form of digital marketing that every content creator should know about.

Every content you create is based around a certain topic or niche. These topics also have their own audience who are interested in seeing them. Therefore, it’s important to promote your business using good content.

Here, depending on your topic and target audience, Google will show many related ads. In turn, Google will pay you for each ad shown using AdSense. Google will also pay you more if the people who watch your content also click on them.

Various brands and advertisers create these ads. When you create and publish your own content, you get the right to create your own Ad Space. This is the space where your ad will show up. Depending on the keywords used to optimize your content, advertisers will bid to display their ads on your webpage.

How To Create Google AdSense Account?

To create and activate your Google AdSense account, you need to follow these two steps below:

Step 1

● The first step is to create a google account if you don’t already have one. It is free to create a Google account and can be done in a few simple steps.

● After you are done creating your Google account, it is now time for you to start publishing your content on online platforms. You can do so by creating audio-visual content like videos on YouTube. On the other hand, you can also set up your own webpage and start writing and publishing interesting blogs.

● Another point to ensure is that your content should abide by the guidelines of the Google AdSense program policies. This includes less profanity and no plagiarized content, among other regulations.


Step 2

The second step is to create an AdSense account. But first, you need to check whether your site meets the monetization requirements for online advertisements or not. The monetization eligibility criteria are:

Blogger: Be at least 18 years old and produce plagiarism-free content.

YouTube: Be at least 18 years old and produce original content on your YouTube channel that should have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

If you pass the AdSense eligibility requirements, you can start creating your Google AdSense Account. Start doing so by:

● Go to the Google AdSense homepage.

● Sign in with your Google Account (that is linked to your website and YouTube accounts)

● Enter the URL of your own webpage where you want to display ads.

● Here, you will see an option where you will be asked whether you want Google to send you customized ad suggestions. Click on Yes beside the option.

● Next, select your region/country and the currency of your region.

● Click on the tick mark that accepts the Google AdSense terms and conditions.

● Click on Yes beside the option to Start using AdSense.

How To Activate Payments From Google AdSense Account?

After creating your Google AdSense account, it’s now time to activate it. The first thing you need to do is set up your payment scheme. To do so, you need to:

● Open your Google AdSense account

● Go to the Payments option

● Here, you need to fill in your banking details as they are required

● Enter the address of your bank and its postal code as well

● Finally, enter the phone number registered with your bank account

How To Get Your First Google AdSense Ads Running

Now that you have set up your Google AdSense account, it is time to get your first ad running. To do so, you need to get your marketing and advertising game on by:

● Sign in to your AdSense Google account

● Open the Google ads menu

● Select the Overview option

● All your websites will be listed over here. Click on the Ad Settings option beside each website

● Click on the Auto Ads to toggle it on

● Click on the “Optimized your existing Ad units?” option to toggle it off

● Open the Ad Formats option to toggle off in-page ads and overlay ads, and toggle on Multiplex Ads

● Open the Ad Load option and slide the slider left and right to control the number of ads to be shown on your page

● Go to the Page Exclusions option and click on the manage option to exclude pages from your website where you do not want ads to be shown

● Click on the option Apply to Site

● Then click on Apply Now and then hit the OK option

● To check whether the ads have been applied or not, click on the Run Experiment First option and then click on Run Experiment


Turning on your Google AdSense account is important to earn money by creating online content. Therefore, you need to create original content and promote them as much as possible to generate traffic.


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