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How to get Quality Website Traffic

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How to increase high quality website traffic

Website Traffic

There are plenty of self-proclaimed “experts” out there who promise that they know the secret that drives traffic to your website. However, increasing your website traffic is not rocket science and does not have to be complicated or difficult. Even if you have to invest time and resources to achieve quality results, the mystery of internet marketing is yours. Here are seven simple and effective ways to drive high quality traffic to your website.

Do your corporate need quality website traffic?

Before embarking on ways to generate more traffic to your website, I need to explain why you need more traffic.

I would argue that there are four potential issues with your digital demand generating pipeline:

1. Traffic problem – Your company’s website does not have enough visitors to bring you the required number of sales targets.

2. Leading problem – your website is getting enough visitors, but your website is not effective in turning them into personally identifiable leads / contacts.

3. Lead quality problem – your website will get enough traffic and tracks, but those tracks will not be enough “value for sale”.

4. Sales problem – Your sales reps are selling / closing an unusually low percentage of your web leads.

These are the seven ways to get high quality website traffic

Increase content for your website

Content is not just words on the pages of your site. Content can take the form of blog posts, articles that answer common questions, free guides, whitepapers with industry insights and facts, books that train your audience and many more.

It empowers visitors to do their own research, often with information and perspectives they can’t get over, making it feel comfortable to return to your company when they are ready to become a customer.

Write the best content for your website

When it comes to content, quality is more important than quantity. Quality things, period.

Many companies have fallen victim to SEO projects, which are “even better” when it comes to content. Although it is essential to produce consistent content, quality is paramount. If you create informative content in your professional area, search engines and customers will reward you.

  • Keep a note on phone and write customer questions. Respond to them on your website or blog.
  • See the most common questions from customers in your email inbox or in your sent folder for your answers to their questions.
  • Think about topics that your customer service team has in common and make sure your website content answers these questions.

Add video to your content strategy

Finally Video is easily accessible to any company that needs to use it. You have a video camera on your smartphone, tablet or computer, right?

Just like written content (see above), you can inform and educate your audience through video.

YouTube is the second largest search engine used by people to find information online. Distributing your videos on a company’s YouTube channel and optimizing those videos for SEO will help your company gain awareness and web visits.

Double down on social media

Of course creating content is important, but it doesn’t do much good if no one sees it. Having proper distribution channels is essential.

Social media is a good content distribution channel for your company. When creating new content on your site, share it on all your social media channels. When you share your blogs, new offers, videos and more.

Evaluate each webpage for good SEO

Every page of your site is a potential entry point for a potential customer if it is optimally optimized. Think of each page as an opportunity to speak directly with a particular person using the tag phrase. To find relevant keywords, start with Google’s main project. Once you have finished your key phrases, meta tags and link them correctly within the content on the page.

Write for industry blogs

Sharing your expertise on other blogs will not only show that you are a business minded leader, but also drive traffic to your website.

Creating content on other business websites, such as club websites / newsletters, can increase your range and start conversations. One of our clients writes a guest blog for an industry release every month, and receives new business inquiries and website traffic.


Google Adwords is a clear choice, but as the cost of clicks has increased due to the growing popularity among advertisers one can expect to spend more and more on Google Adwords over time. WordStream has a good article on their blog about how Google Adwords works and the auction system that triggers click costs.

It is not enough to have your website. You need to attract people with quality, original content that answers the most important questions about your product or service.

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