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How to Increase your E-commerce Conversion Rate

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How to enhance conversion rate

What is Conversion Rate?

A change is an action that a visitor performs on a website that makes him a customer. Does that mean the conversion rate is the percentage of people who come to the site to become customers?

In the online sales environment, the most important change is undoubtedly the purchase. Therefore, the conversion rate in e-commerce is the percentage of visitors who complete a purchase.

Increasing your conversion rate means achieving more sales with the same amount of traffic. Besides, what does it mean to increase the profitability of your marketing budget?

How to increase the e-commerce conversion rate

The capability of an e-commerce site to change users into customers relies on a combination of many factors.

Some of these factors are related to site design:

  • Product Catalog: Creates an attractive product list to suit the needs of the user and invites them to consume your products.
  • Prices: Make sure your offer is not absurd and also adjust the price and value to your target expectations.
  • User Experience: Help your audience easily understand what you are selling, in addition search for what they want and buy.
  • Transparency: However avoid misleading offers, do not cover expenses or try to cheat. Be honest with your customers to avoid dropping the cart.

Other external factors affect sales, including:

  • Traffic Qualification: Having a lot of visitors is not a guarantee of success, you need to attract potential customers to your store.
  • User Confidence: Make your store professional and reliable to convince your customers.
  • Characteristics of your industry: Remember that in some sectors the customer has a longer buying decision than in other sectors due to competition, price range or product type.

The best way to increase your conversion rate is to optimize your store for changes while improving the quality of your traffic.

10 tips to increase the conversion rate of your online store

1. Improve the purchasing experience

Firstly, Make the conversion process fast and simple for users. This can be done by implementing clear and direct CTAs and by simplifying the registration process. If the process is chaotic or too difficult, you will lose customers.

2. Add shipping information

Refer in detail the shipping costs of your products, the shipping time to each country, and what to do when returning an item. People will feel much safer if they know that it is easy to return products and get a refund.

3. Start targeting campaigns

Use Google Remarketing campaigns to remind people who have visited your store before about products they are interested in. Display visual advertisements to get your visitors the products they left behind. While, Try the smart eCommerce to get your Google remarketing ads, the most powerful software for creating and automating Google advertising campaigns for free.

4. Upgrade your product images

Ensure the product images you show are of high quality and not blurry. Customers will have more confidence in a website with quality images, which increases the chances of conversion! Pixc is an easy way to edit your product images without additional resources.

5. Customize a copy of your products

For all your products don’t copy and paste a similar product description. Set aside your time and write unique product descriptions for each.

This will make your store more reliable! Don’t forget to talk about their benefits to your products, not just about functionality. A blanket can be made from cotton by Indian artisans, but what the customer really wants to know is that it will keep them warm.

6.  Start a Blog & Keep It Updated

Writing blog posts is a great way to drive organic traffic to your store. Also, if you write specific content related to the product you are selling; your shop will be very professional. If you really work, you can even create an online community that will help you collect your content and spread about your site and products.

7. Create an “About Us” Section

Use this to talk about your company’s work report. You can describe the motivation you had to open your store and add an image. Potential customers will feel empathy and intimacy with you, which is great for engagement!

8. Add Social Media Links for your Store

Add icons with links to your social media accounts. Remember to configure it so links will open in a new tab so customers will not leave your store when they click. Social media is a great way to build social trust.

9. Add a “Contact Us” Section

Customers will want to know who to contact if they have a problem and can easily reach someone. You build trust and talk to your customers to gather some ideas. Their suggestions will help you improve!

10. Get Customer Reviews

Positive reviews and testimonials from existing customers will prove to be incredibly convincing that your brand is trustworthy. Confidence is an important component of a consumer’s decision-making process.

Keeping the transaction process running smoothly leads to better conversion rates, so it is important to accept the online payment process as easy as possible.


Making your store professional and reliable, increasing transportation efficiency are the first steps to increase purchases. Start implementing our tips to improve the exchange rate for e-commerce. Continue with those advanced strategies to increase online sales.

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