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Innovative ideas that brands used for advertisements

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Brands use different ideas for their advertisement. Here are some real-life examples that you
should read:

1.- Kotex and shipments through Pinterest
Kotex Pinterest, this company conducted a study on their Pinterest boards of the 50 most inspiring people and sent 1 article to each of what they had pinned. You may wonder what was achieved with this … because with 50 shipments; they achieved 2,284 interactions and a total of 700,000 impressions. Therefore, here is another strategy to get virtualizable content. Digital branding Agency india Digital branding Institute helps people in knowing about these different ideas. Experience, reality, and closeness are some key points to make your content go viral.

2.- Launch of the TV channel
Another example of Viral Marketing is the one used by the TV channel, TNT, to advertise their new series with very impressive and live content. It leaves people stumped in just 2 minutes. Again mix reality with fiction, online and offline, creating an explosive mix that engages the end-user advertising company. Humanizing your brand, taking advantage of social networks, promoting participation, and taking care of design and content are basic points to generate good Viral Marketing. branding company You will get more information from a digital branding agency.

3.- Robbie Williams and his Chatroulette
To advertise his new video clip, singer Robbie Williams decided to use the video conference chat platform (Chatroulette) in which he would sing in front of the camera to the surprise of users who found it live singing exclusively for them. Digital Branding Company With this video, only in his YouTube user, he got almost 3 million visits plus infinity of free
shares by all his fans and not so many fans that they All an example of Viral Marketing.

4.- IKEA and its promotion on Face book
To attract customers to a new centre, IKEA uploaded photos of some of its products in one room, and the first one to be labelled on that product, advertisement company in india it would get for free. Interactivity and game with the client, upload the CTR on your web page, the time spent on your corporate page by having many users viewing prices and comparing.

5.- Starbucks gives a coffee on social networks
One of the hospitality companies par excellence, the great world-famous coffee company, proposed for Valentine’s Day and through the RRSS, specifically on Twitter and Face book, to be able to give a coffee to a friend. It was exclusively tested in the USA and consisted of buying a 5 dollar electronic card and sending a coffee to our friend in a special way. branding company india Create your video and show originality with it. Remember, direct and short-lived.

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