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Social Media Marketing Agency In Kolkata – 2022

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Social Media Marketing Agency In Kolkata

Social Media Marketing Agency

In the present online age, social media marketing is significantly known. Nowadays everyone is focusing on social media to sell their products online.

They couldn’t imagine that there was once any material online. Be that as it may, in the current era of globalization, they are gradually forgetting about disconnection and focusing more on online.

They need to burn in a realistically predictable short time and get the job done in a realistically predictable short time. Social media used to distract us, but now they get a lot of information and fun through this social media.

Social Media Marketing Agency in Kolkata


Meraqi was brought into the world with a straightforward mission – to help brands interface with buyers through intelligent social media marketing. The agency has Ankit Saraf and Snehja Sanganeria. Ankit has 6+ long-term involvement with top social media marketing agencies in London. It focuses on making delightfully designed introductions to new organizations, businesses, and downstream courses.

People Infinity

People Infinity is the top social media agency in Kolkata. People Infinity is an exhibition-driven social media marketing agency with offices in Kolkata and Patna. Individuals are given the opportunity to perform infinite social media marketing services as a prerequisite of a company.

Digital Masala

Digital Masala offers efficient and fair social media marketing services designed to transform your online business from a dark horse to a global brand. Is your online business off to a slow start? All things considered, look no further, you are in the best place. They offer heavenly social media marketing services that suit your budget and your business.

Tenet Systems Pvt Ltd

Also, Tenet Systems is one of the top social media agencies in Kolkata. If you’re looking for a full-service social media marketing agency, Tenet Systems is the place to go. The company offers solid results in online branding and advertising among other services at very affordable rates. Join the group immediately to know more.

Ansh InfoTech solutions

Ansh InfoTech solution is one of the top social media agencies in Kolkata. With a distinguished journey of over ten years in the industry, Ansh InfoTech Solutions offers the best social media marketing strategies at the best prices. Their main focus is to provide excellent services with quick results. Contact them quickly for the best results.


Navsoft has made its mark as the most preferred social media marketing company in Kolkata during its visit. The company has deep excellence in being a leading social media marketing agency offering affordable service and having professionals who do not compromise on quality.

Kreative Machinez

Kreative Machinez, as the name suggests, the company imagines its creativity and combines it with technology to provide the best solutions for social media marketing strategies. The team has years of experience and expertise in helping businesses grow in the social media world. Hence, they customize their plans according to the needs of their clients.

Insync tech-fin Solutions Ltd

Also, Insync tech-fin solutions are one of the top social media agencies in Kolkata. Insync tech-fin Solutions Ltd has an impressive history of over 15 years in the industry. That’s why their team of experts is skilled enough to provide the best solutions to their clients. The company is trusted by all for providing highly effective social media marketing strategies to all clients.

Blueberry web solutions Pvt Ltd

Blueberry web solution is one of the top social media agencies in Kolkata. Founded in 2007, the company has an impressive reputation for providing social media solutions to its clients. The company has always excelled in its endeavors and ensured that they deliver amazing results. All their customers have appreciated their quick delivery. This is the reason why they are achieving new milestones every day in this endeavor.


PromoteEdge offers a 360-degree brand experience with its expertise in digital marketing, social media, 3D animation, and web and graphics designing. They believe in delivering result-oriented work through strategic innovation to help their clients stay ahead in the industry.

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