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Instagram Marketing Tips: Boost Your Social Media Strategy

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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

The majority of people use Instagram every day to share their photos, videos, and stories. If you want to utilize the platform for business, analyze your personal Instagram experience.

Every day, you scroll down through Instagram and love your perfectly curated feed. Your connections, content creators, adorable pets, and businesses are all a part of your feed.

Although no one pushed you to follow a particular business account, you chose to follow all of them. And you deliberately prefer to continue following those accounts every time you see one of their posts or Instagram Stories.

Ever wondered, Why? What the reason?

Exactly, that is the question you must address for your prospective customers when you use Instagram for business: Why should they keep returning to you for more? What kind of value will you offer them?

To help you promote your brand/ business on Instagram, we have created a list of Instagram Marketing Tips that will help you enhance your social media marketing strategy.

Advantages of Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Before moving ahead, let’s check a few advantages of having a solid social media strategy:

  • Enhanced brand recognition
  • Increment in the size of your audience
  • Establishing a stronger connection with your audience
  • Improved website traffic
  • Increase the number of leads generated
  • Making more profit and revenues

There’s no questioning that social media should be an essential part of your entire marketing strategy in the current scenario.

It’s a big pond to fish if you’re looking for your target audience base. A marketing plan should include social media marketing as an important part.

If you’re set to get your social media strategy off the ground, continue reading.

Following are the list of the most leading-edge strategies available:

  1. Create a business profile
  2. Identify your target audience
  3. Choose the Instagram Shopping option
  4. Post Instagram stories of behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of your brand
  5. Make sure to use the Highlights feature
  6. Always repost and interact with the user-generated content
  7. Make sponsored ads for your brand
  8. Leverage the power of Influencer marketing
  9. Offer e-gift cards directly through your brand’s page
  10. Put the countdown sticker to launch something new

Create a Business Profile

Instagram is an image and video-sharing social media platform. You can attract and reach a wider audience if you set up your Instagram account as a business profile rather than a private one. Creating a business profile, along with direct messaging, also allows people to contact your brand by phone calls and emails and offer directions to your physical location.

Key features of a Business profile –

  • Option to analyze the Insights
  • Option to add Instagram Shopping
  • Target the audience and run Instagram Ads
  • Separate inboxes for primary and secondary messages
  • Option to add contact details and other CTA button

Identify Your Target Audience

If you want to make a profit in today’s marketing tactics, you need to connect and interact with your audience. But, to accomplish this, you need to know your audience – both inside and out.

You can use Instagram’s free business analytics tools and insights to learn more about your followers, such as their gender, age group, and the significant locations and countries where they live. You can also check on what days and what time of day they visit your account the most.

Use these statistics to have a better insight into your audience and to drive your Instagram marketing strategy. You can analyze each post’s impressions, reach, and interaction to see what kind of posts your audience appreciates. and then proceed with making more of the stuff they enjoy!

Choose Instagram Shopping Option

According to Instagram, 70% of shopping lovers use Instagram to find new products. Whether your objective is to boost reach, grow your target audience, or generate more eCommerce sales, you should use the Instagram Shopping function to promote your products.

The Instagram Shopping function, which is only available for business accounts, allows users to shop your brand’s items without leaving the app or going to your site.

To highlight the product’s name and price, use product tags to tag goods in posts. Clicking the product tag will lead the visitor to an Instagram product detail page with even more images of the goods.

Post Instagram Stories of Behind-the-Scenes Pictures and Videos of Your Brand

Posting Instagram Stories to show off your brand’s identity will boost your online marketing strategy and build a community. Though there are various things to post on Instagram Stories, showing your audience what goes on “behind the scenes” of your business is an excellent approach.

Always try to make your audience feel unique and excited for something new, entice them, and offer the first glimpse of your new venture. Allow a colleague or an influencer to take over your account for the day to give a glimpse into your brand’s day-to-day activities. That’s how you can build an online community and close relationships with your audience.

Make Sure to Use the Highlights Feature

As Instagram Stories vanish after 24 hours, the companies should use the Highlights feature to keep the stories fresh and visible just beneath the bio. You can also create a custom cover for each highlight.

This feature adds a whole new dimension to your bio, providing the potential audiences with a variety of information about your company and why they should follow you on Instagram.

Always Repost and Interact With the User-Generated Content

If you really want the visitors to interact with you, you have to interact with them, too. Consistently posting good content is fantastic, but if you ignore the comments, story reposts, and not engaging with others, your brand will suffer.

The bare minimum you can do is responding to the comments and repostings. However, it would be best to look for renowned accounts in your niche and interact with their content without being self-promotional. Gradually, you’ll become noticeable, too.

Make Sponsored Ads for Your Brand

Creating sponsored ads helps you in reaching more people, expanding your audience, and boosting your online sales.

Instagram ads are incredibly effective since they look similar to any other post or store on the user’s feed. The only variation is that they are labelled “Sponsored” and may include a shopping link. Instagram lets your business account promote your older posts with the “promote” button, and you can also monitor its insights.

Leverage the Power of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best Instagram marketing strategies. Brands that collaborate with influencers boost their visibility and increase their chances of converting the influencer’s followers into paying consumers. This improved word-of-mouth marketing strategy significantly boosts engagement, followers, and, most importantly, conversions.

However, make sure that the influencer you choose is compatible with your brand’s image and objectives.

Offer e-gift Cards Directly Through Your Brand’s Page

Instagram launched a new feature during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak that allows viewers to support their favourite companies. It’s an Instagram Story sticker that helps the companies to offer e-gift cards right on the platform. Yes, that’s true; Instagram users can now buy gift cards without ever leaving the app.

Use this sticker if you want to maximize the volume of your gift card sales. Though it’s an excellent strategy for the whole year, don’t forget to use this during holidays, when people are more willing to buy presents for others.

Put the Countdown Sticker to Launch Something New

Similar to the e-gift card sticker, Instagram offers a countdown sticker for Stories. The sticker is excellent for announcing the launch of your new product/ offer and building curiosity among your target audience. It also encourages them to mark the day in their calendars to ensure that they don’t miss and are among the first to view the new product/offer.


Using these ten tips effectively will help in making a good marketing strategy for your brand. You can boost website traffic, generate more leads, and convert visitors into paying consumers.

We hope you found this blog valuable; please feel free to drop your queries, comments, and suggestions in the comment section.

Author Bio:

Using these ten tips effectively will help in making a good marketing strategy for your brand. You can boost website traffic, generate more leads, and convert visitors into paying consumers.

We hope you found this blog valuable; please feel free to drop your queries, comments, and suggestions in the comment section.

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