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Metrics that CEOs look for analyzing digital marketing reports

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What are the metrics that ceos look for analyzing digital marketing reports

Digital Marketing Reports

As a digital marketing agency that believes in being an expansion of our client team, we have the chance to work directly with the fantastic CEO, CFO, and CMO. As these executives often ask me digital marketing reports, what high-level metrics should we use to check our digital marketing campaigns and strategy at the higher level?

Some executives may want to deepen the weeds when it enters your digital strategy, but here are 4 things every CEO should keep in mind and get their team report.

Conversion Rate in Digital Marekting Reports

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your website and change. Determining what type of business you have, this exchange rate can be measured across multiple targets.

E-Commerce Businesses

This conversion rate will be measured based on the percentage of visitors who make the e-renewal and purchase product. You may want to look a little deeper into this percentage based on the amount of conversion of “new visitors” and “past visitors” and “mobile” and “desktop” viewers those who are converting. Every site and business is varied, but usually the 2% + conversion rate you want to try.

Lead Generation Business

This is a conversion rate depends on the percentage of people who visit your website. We suggest using CallRail for phone call tracking. CallRail Power is Digital’s best partner and popular service for tracking phone calls due to its integration with Google Analytics.

Cost-Per-Lead, Return On Ad Spend, and Overall ROI

These steps may differ based on your type of business. But actually, this is very difficult to understand and get a very close eye on.

These steps show the effectiveness and success of your marketing campaigns. I find that many CEOs do not know such numbers. It does not have an absolute idea of what numbers should be. You have to get that goal and “over/under point”.


For starters, you have to answer the following question: “What is the highest money, do I pay to lead to a standard?”. You have to determine based on your close rate, average profit on a contract, and so on.

Return on Ad Spend

For e-commerce businesses, this ratio refers to the amount you spend on advertising or the overall marketing cost (your preference) and the number of sales it produces. Usually, this metric is the main step for me in paid media advertising campaigns for eCommerce businesses.

Overall ROI

It may be a little more manual to calculate, but it is also one of the most essential aspects to consider. It is important to look at your overall marketing costs, what you are doing for yourself, and deeply immerse yourself in the business it will create for you.

Channel Growth in Digital Marketing Reports

It’s easy, check out each of your major traffic channels every month to see growth or decline. This will help you identify digital marketing reports what efforts are growing, what parts, or where your digital program is crashing. Keep in mind that the fall of the channels may be seasonal for your business – You know this newer than anyone because you are the CEO and you learn the trends of your business. When it gets to the season, it usually translates to your website.

Major channels to monitor and measure each month:

  • Direct:  The total of people typing in your website link.
  • Organic: Your SEO traffic from rankings.
  • Referral: Your PR traffic from media and other sources linking to your website and increasing traffic.
  • Email: Check into how your email campaigns are generated.
  • Paid: These are your advertising campaigns, such as Google PPC or display ads. You can increase this traffic, it will fluctuate on how much advertising you have spent in a particular month, so this traffic growth is not a real metric, I pay so much attention. I will go deeper into how to scale this channel a little bit.
  • Social: Check how your social media channels are working to get higher traffic to your website.

SEO Rankings in Google digital marketing reports

Do you care about how your customers and potential customers describe your business? Your Google rankings show you how it describes your business and how much they think of you against your competition.

Hence, If you need to know how people categorize your business, you should like the same thing from Google. I wonder how many companies don’t keep track of their rankings or review them monthly to see how popular they are up and down. SEO is the cheapest cost channel to use traffic and rankings. Also, it will let you know a lot about your business is activating online.

Wrapping Up

Similarly, I know this article helps you aim at the right measurements, so you have more choice about your campaigns and the health of the website. If you need help understanding these measurements please feel free! We are glad to answer the questions you may have about how to customize them for your business and establish plans to develop these numbers.

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