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The ultimate guide for ad campaigns

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Today advertising of the brand is the most important task. This can be made easy by digital ad campaigns. Below we are giving you a guide about these add campaigns.

1. Direct purchase of advertising:
The most classic model inherited from traditional advertising. Liberal media and significant websites have their rates, and just like we used to buy pages, these media sell banners and pop-ups. At this point, it is not very common to do it directly, as it is not in offline advertising. The Media Agencies include them in their planning as they do with many of the supports that we will see later. A digital branding institute helps you to get more information about these ad campaigns.

2. Programmatic purchase
The automated and real-time purchase of advertising space offered by all media. It combines algorithms, data and interconnected platforms without any human intervention. Programmatic and RTB are often used synonymously, and this is not the case. The auction is one of the formulas to sell spaces but not the only one. Thus, when one of those users visits specific support, the bid begins, and the ad you will see will be that of the advertiser who wins the auction. Another great advantage is that, by operating in real-time, we will be able to know the response also in real-time, being able to adjust and refine to optimize the results.

3. Native Advertising
Native Advertising is to digital what advertorial is to analogy. It is integrated into the platform where it is published without interrupting navigation, with its same appearance, style, and user experience. In this case, brands and the media join forces to offer relevant and quality advertising. So, if quality content is key in the digital world, even more, when we talk about Native Advertising, also taking into account the content of the medium itself. And, finally, to say that Native Advertising is a type of Branded Content, in this case, the one inserted in paid media. So, all Native Advertising is Branded Content, but not all Branded Content is Native Advertising. Precisely, it is in this similarity between advertising and content where one of the trickiest aspects of the matter lies since it is easy to fall into what is called covert advertising.

4. Other classes
In addition, there are other types: The SMS that, although you may not believe it, has great potential for its little use and the sense of urgency that it creates, Wi-Fi networks, the one related to affiliate marketing. It is more linked to digital marketing than to advertising or the one that can be included in free advertising portals such as directories and classified ad websites. You can take a guide from a digital branding agency.

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