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My work experience with the Best Branding Agency

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My working experience

Work Experience

Going to a job interview can be difficult in any situation, but conducting something that is not in your first language will make the whole process even more difficult. However, we can prepare for an interview. Interview questions are mostly related to our past work experience; For those skills, we learned to make ourselves the right person for the job.

Experience with the Best Branding Agency

I have some better work experience that will help me for another job.  I worked for a year as a student in Aartisto, the best digital branding agency.  That helped me to get more knowledge about the digital field, and also showed me that this is a job where I will need to work hard. That showed me the other side of working in social media, so it is easy for me to work in this field. 

Most important part of my work

I need to do a blog daily. It is more important to do the best blog, I would make that and post it. I knew very little about digital marketing and social media, so I would struggle to start each part of my work. But my colleagues helped me a lot, what to do, how to do it. Without their help, I couldn’t do anything. They explained each thing patiently.

Friends and collagues

I think that I did well in my previous course.  I connected well with other people and really enjoyed working with them. Also at the same time, sometimes I had to give my work first and ensure that I completed what I needed to do.  So, I would say they would describe me as decent, but friendly and supportive.

Satisfactory Part

Where should I start? I really enjoy this job. I am interested in creating new things. So I am happy with creating banners, logos, writing blogs, getting to know my colleagues.  But I think the best of all will be creating a banner for each blog is a very interesting and creative part. I would really enjoy doing that.  When I worked at aartisto, I loved learning new things.

What I find hard

I want to say that English is not my first language.  But even when I was less good at speaking in my job, I learned to cope.  Even I was doing online, when they call me, I struggled to ask, but I am not afraid to ask if I do not understand something, and my studies are helping me to improve.

Work experience taught by yourself

When I worked with aartisto, I found the work really interesting but sometimes hard. I learned a lot of new things from my work experience. Once I need to write a blog immediately, I was having an exam at that time. When I informed them, they allowed me to do it later. I thought that in a situation like that I would get tensed myself, and perhaps take sides, but I did not.  I think that this was an important situation I faced.

Of course, many questions about work experience can be shared.  However, those above are my best experience. So, let you have the best work experience which I had.

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