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Why SMS Marketing Is Right for Your Business

why SMS marketing is right for the business

SMS Marketing

If you do not include SMS marketing in your multi-channel marketing campaigns, you will miss out. With more than 292 million people in North America using SMS services, a lot can be gained through strong SMS marketing campaign strategies. Many businesses have benefited from the SMS marketing service. Here are some ways in which different businesses can use SMS marketing:

  • Health and Beauty: Salon owners use SMS marketing to send meeting reminders, minimize or eliminate shows.
  • Hospitality: Business owners in the industry use location-based marketing to send last-minute hotel or restaurant discounts and special offers via SMS.
  • Retail: Retailers send loyalty rewards, special offers, and discounts to their customers via SMS.
  • Travel: Travel agencies send confirmation or update of flight schedule through SMS marketing and send details of travel ticket QR codes, flight schedule reminders, nearby car rental, and special offers.
  • Real Estate: Real estate companies or agents send out invitations to open house events, listing links for booking information, and sightseeing.

Understanding the practical applications of SMS marketing can help you better understand the impact of SMS marketing on today’s modern businesses and how you can use the best SMS marketing strategies to increase your revenue.

 Investigate SMS Marketing for Your Business

As any business owner would, you’ve probably wondered how else you can market your products and services and drive potential customers further down the funnel. It could be your solution.

Your customers get plenty of emails regularly. They might not remember the email you sent them last week about the sale you’re having on payday or the freebies you give today. It reminds them of that day and your SMS advertising material summarizes that your recipients will get the essence instantly.

Maybe you have a more engaging customer base. Do you stress the need to respond to every SMS you receive? Customers appreciate quick responses, but the busy business owner may not always have the time to respond to each of them. Automating certain moving parts seems like a viable option.

What Is SMS Marketing?

It is a powerful tool to lead your business to success. It sends promotional items and transaction messages via SMS. This can be in the form of sales contracts, promotional offers, and loyalty rewards. It could be a meeting reminder or a call to respond to a poll. They can take many different forms, but their goal is to market your brand. These messages will be sent to the recipients who have approved to receive SMS from your company.

How Does SMS Marketing Work?

For customers to receive offers, they need to give their permission. They can do this on the phone, at your brick-and-mortar store, or on your website. You can also do this by sending a keyword to the phone number or by texting a five to the six-digit shortcode. Texting these keywords means that they approve of your inclusion in the campaign.

What are the benefits of SMS marketing?

About 5 billion people worldwide use the SMS service. While this does not automatically guarantee marketing success, it does present a wide market for tapping.

Here are additional reasons why SMS marketing is right for your business and why you should invest in launching the best possible SMS marketing campaigns on your own or with the help of this agency:

High open fees

Within 15 minutes after delivery, the SMS Open charges will be 98 percent, which becomes a direct marketing channel. This is important for important news because studies show that your target audience will read them immediately.


50% of these campaigns generate successful ROI when integrated with other marketing channels such as social media and email marketing services.

Customer involvement

Customers enjoy exclusive treatments, and a well-designed copy will make them feel special. When the customer is not satisfied with the support and attention provided by the company, the company may lose 45 percent of its customer value.

Brand expression

According to studies, 45 percent of consumers respond to branded text bursts. If you are a startup company that wants to create brand awareness, you can get the attention of your target audience by launching the best SMS strategies.

Data collection

About 31 percent of recipients respond to the SMS survey. This makes it a useful channel for your online reputation management campaigns. Your customer feedback is a great source of valuable insights into how your brand works.

Brand loyalty

Well-planned bulk SMS efforts stimulate customer engagement and brand loyalty. Customers do not want to read general and inappropriate content, so you may want to customize your news about special deals and advertisements. You can also send them a special message on their birthday.

Social media development

It can increase your social media followers and increase your online reviews. A well-packaged SMS copy may force your visitors to follow your page or submit their reviews.

Data tracking

This is an essential practice if you want to promote and deliver the best text message marketing campaigns to your valued customers. It is easy to measure the success of your total efforts because your SMS recipients have only two options: click on the links provided or ignore them. If most of your clients did not click on the links you recommended, you may need to edit your strategy.

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