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Real estate digital marketing

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Real estate digital marketing

Real estate in digital marketing

Decades ago, the property was considered a luxury investment. The exorbitant prices stamped on various housing schemes can only be borne by the rich among the rich. The process of buying a property is also a long and tedious one. Home seekers had to collect and sign endless streams of documents. While looking for a broker who could offer a good deal for the desired property.

However, this trend has changed drastically. It is convenient for the vast majority of home buyers to research online, check it out and shortlist it before going to see the apartments. Data shows that 92% of home buyers search online to find their dream home. In addition, 82% of real estate market investors trust online agents as reliable information.  42% seek the Internet as their first search medium.

How can real estate developers engage with India’s next billion internet users?

Indians have a significant presence on almost all major digital platforms. Facebook, by far, is the most popular social media site, with 240 million Indian users accessing the site through their phones. These numbers prove that the online space is a goldmine for developers to engage in a way that makes a huge impact on their audience. By effectively using the best tools for social media analysis, property developers can better understand their customers and create more targeted campaigns.

How can property developers use it to engage with these consumers through digital marketing for real estate in India?

As the number of internet visitors in India is increasing by the minute, the field is set for asset developers to tap into this huge market and use digital marketing for real estate. Developers need to rearrange their priorities for consumer engagement from revenue-generating to creating value for their consumers. In India, property developers can do this in several ways:

Understand the audience to personalize marketing strategies

Homeowners need to know who the real estate developers are talking to create content that they find valuable. By 2020. Almost 40 percent of Internet users in India will be women. This points to the importance of creating content that women consider relevant. Doing so would challenge long-term assumptions regarding gender and areas of interest. For example, 60 percent of shoppers buy videos related to it on YouTube, not men, but women. In addition, 60% of those who search for car-related information online are women.

A closer understanding of the audience will help developers create content that their users will find valuable. This is an important step in developing a relationship with the audience.

Create exclusive campaigns for mobile

One of the most interesting features of India’s Internet usage is that most Indians do not follow the general method of Internet adaptation. Globally, although most people first used computers and then migrated to mobile phones, Indians seem to have completely avoided computer status.

According to StatCounter’s survey, Indians use their phones to access the Internet almost 80 percent of the time. This means that if property developers want to engage with the next billion internet consumers, they need to create content designed for mobile phones.

Use regional languages ​​to reach a wider audience

While the number of English-speaking Internet users in India is largely stable, the number of regional language users is growing at an astounding rate. One of the main reasons for this growth is the internet penetration in the second and third-tier cities with villages.

Google estimates that about 30% of users in India are from rural areas. If property builders want to develop a personal relationship with potential homeowners, a strong regional language real estate digital marketing strategy is important. 42% of Internet users in India may use Tamil as the primary language, while 39% of users speak Hindi.

Improve brands for voice search

Voice search in India may be in its infancy at present, but it is growing at a steady rate. Google estimates that 28 percent of all searches are voice searches. It is still promising that there has been a 400 percent growth in Hindi voice search. Voice search has a wide impact on SEO because by default traditional keywords are not used. This means that real estate developers need to find new ways to find voice search results that can be found on digital platforms.

Use the ‘Missed Call’ extension

Adding call extensions to your ads can significantly increase click-through rates and conversion rates. But because of the significant number of mobile users in India, especially in small towns and cities, the use of prepaid connections can prevent the cost of making a call from contacting your business.

That’s why AdWords recently released the ‘Missed Call’ feature to help address this concern. When a user selects the Missed Call option in an ad, a call is placed and immediately disconnected. After this, the user will receive an automated call to be in line when his call is connected to the business.

Encourage two-way conversation

Real estate and digital marketing go hand in hand. Digital marketing for real estate allows developers not only to talk to their clients but also to listen to what they have to say in return. This unique opportunity for two-way conversation is crucial in building consumer engagement. To have a meaningful conversation, developers need to understand exactly who their audience is, their interests, and where their concerns are. In the context of the current Indian audience trends, real estate developers can reach the next billion internet users only once beyond urban metropolitan areas.

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