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SaaS Marketing Strategies That Bring Massive ROI

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The SaaS or software-as-a-service industry is pretty dynamic. According to Blissfully, an average company should anticipate nearly 50 percent of their tech stacks to change in the upcoming 2 years. What does it mean? Consumers are switching SaaS products super fast. The cloud industry is also growing at unbelievable speed. This shows a treasure trove of opportunity for software firms wanting to stake their claim. But, this means finalizing your SaaS advertising strategy. SaaS marketing deals with numerous advertising activities that attract potential consumers for premium versions of SaaS products. It is a special kind of marketing where you try to develop awareness, drive leads and gain and retain consumers for a product. This blog will take you through all important SaaS marketing strategies. We will discuss actionable tips and tricks your business can use to drive subscriptions and demos quickly.

Email Marketing is Integral to SaaS

According to Invespcro, 50 percent of SaaS consumers use a product or log in less than once a month. Your SaaS company should not be sleeping and try to nudge customers and ensure that they are happy with your product.

Email allows you to have frequent and personalized communication with customers. You can send these kinds of marketing emails:

  • Feature announcements
  • Welcome emails for a product demo
  • New content like articles, videos
  • Actionable advice
  • Business newsletters
  • Polls
According to experts, email marketing is one of the best tactics of saas inbound marketing for businesses. However, you must ensure that the email contains everything the patron is looking for and would be interested in. No matter what kind of emails you send, they should be rightly timed and have engaging content.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO and organic traffic can’t be replaced. Consultant Mike Sonders has researched the top traffic sources for SaaS. He found that a big chunk of traffic and leads for top-tier SaaS organizations comes from organic traffic which is nearly 68 percent in total.

The older Gartner study notes that customers are increasingly conducting independent research for SaaS products which is mostly through a quick Google search. You can ask your digital marketing agency Dubai to try to get your SaaS company featured on a “best of” list along with writing your own blogs for SEO.

Apart from informing people, writing articles is a wonderful way for SaaS businesses to use keywords and drive leads through search engines.


Webinars are a hot favorite of SaaS companies nowadays for the right reasons. According to GoToWebinar, SaaS organizations create 29 percent of all webinars. It also highlights that 73% of sales and B2B marketing leaders believe webinars as the number 1 method for producing qualified leads.

Your SaaS firm can use online events and webinars to display products, drive demos as well as promote thought leadership. You can create downloadable on-demand webinars or present or live stream them for potential and existing customers.

Additionally, you can upload broadcasts and replays to video-sharing channels like Youtube to facilitate the development of your platform and get search traffic simultaneously.

Pay-per-click and Social Media Advertisement

PPC marketing is among the most useful marketing methods for SaaS agencies. Some software-as-a-service providers put up Google ads to boost visibility for particular keywords as well as outrank competitors.

You don’t have to wait to run PPC campaigns as you have to with SEO. Social media adverts are likewise becoming more common for SaaS, allowing businesses to supersede social algorithms and market directly to relevant consumers.

Webinars, checklists, and case studies are ideal to include in social ads. A  lot of SaaS companies have seen great marketing success on Facebook. One example is BigCommerce whose trail conversions were increased three times as much from their ad campaign.

Platforms like Facebook can pinpoint specific users depending upon their interests and demographic data. Furthermore, by remarketing ads on Facebook, SaaS businesses get another chance at converting users who might have left a landing page midway or previously downloaded a demonstration.

Organic Social Media

Do you think software agencies don’t look like the perfect candidates to market on social media? If yes, then you are wrong. Social media is the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to SaaS advertising broadly speaking.

Multiple Software-as-a-Service organizations are leveraging networks like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Your social media marketing agency can use a lot of ways to advertise on social channels.

Software companies can directly engage with customers back and forth, announce new products/features, curate ideas, and product feedback, boast about their work culture and employees, boost top-of-the-funnel (ToFu) blogs, videos and show off about earned media and industry accolades.

Bottom Line

To win at SaaS marketing, you should learn from already successful SaaS marketers and founders. The methods mentioned in this piece can boost your marketing strategies and accelerate your business revenue.

These SaaS advertising methods are easy to implement but still uncommon. People think that they have become outdated. With that being said, having a powerful customer avatar and buyer persona comes before these marketing methods.

You need consumer data to develop a product they really need and make an advertising strategy that grabs attention.

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