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YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos Fast in 2024?

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how to get YouTube views

YouTube SEO

If you want to rank YouTubers fast in 2024, you need to optimize your channel for both Google and YouTube. Here are 6 simple hacks that will help you rank your YouTube videos faster.

How To Plan Your YouTube Video Creation Strategy

There are 3 ways to schedule videos. It’s best to use a combination of all three, but to be honest, if you don’t want to be a full YouTuber, you can just stick to the first one (keywords).

1. Keywords

Targeting tags can help you rank on Google and YouTube so your videos can be found by the search. how to get YouTube views One mistake a lot of creators make is to rank for a keyword with low traffic. I recommend choosing keywords that have at least 1000 estimated searches per month. I usually go through 10,000 to 50,000 searches per month.

2. Similar Content

You can create videos on the same topic, same length, use specific keywords in the video (also used by similar video) and same/similar tags and show them in “Recommended” next to specific videos on YouTube. (More on this below). You can do this by searching for popular content such as business video summary from a similar creator in your niche and creating a similar video on the topic in your own style.

3. Trends

You can find out what’s trending on a particular topic by using a free tool from Google called Google Trends. For example, typing “how to YouTube” “how to make a face mask” and “how to make hand sanitizer” are currently breakout trends worldwide. So if you make a video about it today, you will get a lot of views for it.

How to Rank YouTube Videos

How To Title Your YouTube Videos

Video titles on YouTube can be up to 100 characters. However, Google cuts off the title after 70 characters.

At the beginning of your title, put the most important information, including the keyword.

Keywords are important for ranking YouTube videos. To choose your keywords, consider what question you’re answering in your video. People will type these keywords into their Google or YouTube search.

YouTube Tags

Keywords rank you on Google, but tags help YouTube videos rank on YouTube.

Then, select all tags related to your keyword (which are often more than one word). Don’t overdo it! You can add tags up to 500 characters, I recommend keeping it under 400.

You don’t want to mess with the YouTube algorithm. Focus on tags related to the keyword/phrase you are trying to rank for. Do not attempt to rank more than one.

YouTube Video Description

With each video, you have the option to add a description.

If you want YouTube videos to rank faster, make sure you follow these guidelines for video description:

  • Your description should be at least 250 words long
  • Include your keywords within the first 25 words (eg in the first sentence)
  • Repeat your keyword (“naturally”) about 3-4 times

YouTube Thumbnail

YouTube will automatically assign a thumbnail to your video. It may or may not be flattering or a good representation of your brand.

Take back control and create the perfect thumbnail for your video, complete with descriptive and enticing text. It doesn’t directly help you rank YouTube videos faster, but it will increase the chances of people clicking on your video among the search results. If your video ranks but nobody is clicking on it then you won’t hold the ranking position for long.

YouTube Caption File

For a long time I recommend that if you want to rank YouTube videos, you need a header file. But I don’t think this is true anymore.

If you’re not familiar, a header file associates what you’re saying with a timestamp. It helps people who are deaf, hard of hearing or speak a different language. You can use YouTube’s Titles Editor in YouTube Studio to edit the title files automatically generated by YouTube’s AI.

YouTube Backlinks

When other websites or social profiles link to your video (backlinks), Google shows that your video is relevant and has high value. Google will rank YouTube videos with the most backlinks.

To get more backlinks, share them on social platforms and comment on relevant blogs with the link to help answer people’s questions.

Not all links are good, though. If a sketchy tabloid site links to you, then you’re related to an untrustworthy source. Too many of these bad links hurt your efforts to rank YouTube videos.



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