6 best WordPress security plugins

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WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress Security Plugins

When it comes to website maintenance, the importance of WordPress security Plugins cannot be underestimated. Since there are so many risks threatening sites today, it is very important to make sure yours is protected. Unfortunately, finding the best WordPress security plugin to use is challenging.

In this post, we will explain why you might want a dedicated tool to strengthen your site. We introduce you to the top six WordPress security plugins, discussing their key features and pricing.

Why you want to use a WordPress security plugins

Unfortunately, many people do not spend much time and effort on website security until it is too late. As a site owner, one of the worst things you can do is put security on the back-burner.

Between malware, data breaches and various of threats plaguing the internet today, taking website security seriously should be a priority for all business owners. If you fall victim to an attack, it can compromise your customer data and the integrity. Also the reputation of your brand.

Of course, being proactive in securing your website is often easier than it sounds. This is why we recommend using a WordPress security plugin. Doing so may put extra security on your site and reduce the chances of being hacked.

6 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Now that we have discussed why site security is so essential, it’s time to look at some tools that can help. For the following list, we have compiled six WordPress security plugins that cover a wide range of features and functionality. We also factor in ratings and reviews, customer support to ensure that we offer you the best possible options

Wordfence Security

With over 4 million active installations and a 5-star average rating of 4.5, WordPress Security is one of the best WordPress security plugins out there. This freemium tool allows you to scan your site for suspicious activity such as malware or code injection. Easily manage everything from the custom WordPress dashboard: In the paid version you can access many more features including advanced, integrated scanning. Also, this plugin has so widely used that you can find plenty of online support if you need it.

iThemes Security

Formerly known as Best WP Security, iThemes Security is another powerful tool that deserves to be ranked as one of the best WordPress security plugins. It comes in free and premium versions and is available in several layers depending on your specific needs.

This solution helps protect your site in more than 30 ways, Includes password protection, user activity tracking, and more. If you upgrade to the paid version, you will receive regular backups of your site. Many WordPress sites with iThemes Security Pro features can manage remotely.

Sukuri protection

Like WordPress, Sukuri Security is a popular plugin that allows you to perform a variety of security-related tasks on your WordPress site. Malware scanning and enabling checks include: One thing we would like to note about this plugin is that it runs on a Domain Name Server (DNS) – Firewall, Which is slightly more effective than plug-ins like WordPress which use a built-in WordPress firewall. Therefore, if site performance is particularly concerned, Sukuri is an option to explore.

All on the same WP security and firewall

All-in-One WP Security & Firewall is not as famous as the first three WordPress security plugins.

However, this is still a high quality option, which is a must if you are looking for a free tool. It is incredibly user-friendly, and divides visual graphics information into three main categories (basic, intermediate, and advanced): rogue attack prevention, firewall protection, feedback spam filtering, and more.


Next, Jet Pack is one of the most popular and commonly used WordPress plugins, so you may have already heard of this. It can apply to a wide range of features ranging from performance to marketing objectives. However, some features you may not know about are one of the best WordPress security plugins.

WP activity log

Last but not least, WP Activity Log is a plugin that is slightly different from the others on this list. Rather than offering an all-in-one solution that includes a wide variety of features, this tool aims to serve a specific purpose: to help monitor every change and activity that occurs on your site.


The best WordPress security plugin depends on your experience and specific security related features that you need more help with on a budget. If you are looking for a freemium, all-in-one solution, we recommend looking at WordFence or Sukuri. Both provide standard security features such as firewalls and malware scanning, and more advanced functionality if you wish to develop premium license,


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