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What is a 360 marketing campaign?

But many questions have emerged. The query that came up the majority concerned the events that can be taken during 360 marketing campaigns. This article is there to answer that question. The football world cup starts! Televisions from all over the world show the arena where the player’s race. But during halftime, there’s a good chance you will be able to see a Coca-Cola commercial. This is part of their 360 ° marketing campaign. The same message can be noticed in their ads on the radio, in newspapers, on Facebook, in packaging and even on supermarket shelves in the form of new products.

The 360-degree marketing move has its roots in the attitude of holistic marketing. It is one of the most sought-after approaches among brands today. But what exactly is a 360-degree campaign, and how do you build one?

What is a 360-degree marketing campaign?

A 360 ° marketing campaign is a total creative movement idea that covers all rudiments of the brand’s marketing mix, designed to implement a strategic branding strategy (usually positioning). Simply put, a 360 ° marketing campaign aims to communicate a cohesive message across all elements of the marketing mix.

New products are launched, or old product brands are modified or extended to fit into the planned positioning strategy.

The campaign includes an incorporated promotional marketing move in which all promotional devices (online, offline and mobile) are used efficiently to converse the specified message.

All possible points of contact are used efficiently. The packaging and visual appearance are also modified to adapt to the positioning strategy. Products belonging to the “360 degrees” campaign are generally marketed at different prices. It depends on the niche of the brand, however.

Why a 360-degree marketing campaign?

Besides the simple reason that there are too many people in the market and the company needs to stand out in a quantity of way or another, here are a number of reasons why brands are investing in a 360 ° marketing campaign.

Brand position

The position is the place a brand occupy in the brains of its clients. It is built with the different interactions of the customer with the brand. If a brand plans to fix or change its positioning, running a simple TV ad or newspaper ad will not be enough. On the contrary, you have to perfectly adapt your speech to your clients. For this, it is necessary to use the technique of personas.

Brand repositioning strategy

Repositioning a make is one of nearly everyone difficult tasks and requires real reflection and the implementation of a global strategy. Indeed, it is necessary to anticipate the actions to be carried out but also to know precisely its objective by having a clear vision of the message that you want to deliver, in particular, thanks to storytelling.

Basic campaigns

What makes the brand’s most important and less important campaigns different? The objective and the integrated 360 ° approach makes it possible to follow the evolution of different KPIs, to have an ROI view, but also to obtain concrete results

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