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What Is Google FLoC and How It Impacts Digital Marketing

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Google FLoC

The era of third-party cookies is coming to an end. Browser cookies – technology that helps advertisers deliver targeted, relevant online ads to users – is going to seal the deal once Google stops placing them completely in Chrome by 2023. Google FLoC is replacing Federal Learning Partners in response to a series of data-privacy issues in digital advertising.

If you’ve ever run ads on your website you’ve probably used third-party cookies. Even if you place ads on publisher sites, removing the cookie and replacing it with FLoC in Chrome will bring lasting changes in how you conduct online advertising.

After all, many of your target visitors use Google Chrome. It commands 46.81 percent of the overall browser market share in the United States, trailing close rival Apple Safari by 37.72 percent.

What is Google FLoC good for?

To enable Google to move to FLoC, it is important to know that major web browsers such as Safari and Firefox have gone this way and blocked third-party cookies before Google.

But the tech powerhouse has pointed out that stopping support for traditional surveillance will not solve the privacy problem. It promotes advertisers to find more aggressive or harmful solutions, such as fingerprint identifying a device with certain characteristics.

Best Google FLoC Issues

Besides Firefox and Safari, Brave, Vivaldi, and Microsoft Edge have also refused to use the FLoC browser feature. Without browser cookies or FLoC, digital advertising would no longer be the same. Mozilla, which owns Firefox, protects the privacy of online advertising options. Brave also publishes ads that reward users for viewing non-aggressive ads.

In a way, what is happening to these browser companies echoes the criticism of the Electronic Frontier Foundation: FLoC is a terrible idea for online privacy and security. Privacy risk may be in the design. FLoC Browsing habits of a user’s browser, creating a browser ID, and assigning it to a partner.

Although it’s an anonymous user ID – it does not have personal identifiers – fingerprints and other trackers can still start collectively and identify your browser with millions instead of thousands of possibilities.

How does Google FLoC affect digital advertising?

Google’s Ginny Marvin told the search engine journal that marketers can tap their technology to create a seed list of the most valuable FLoC IDs used to identify groups interested in their business.

With the company’s expanded commitment to online privacy and security while delivering advertising results and increasing publisher revenue, targeting and measuring tools will be accessible via FLoC and other technologies in Google’s open-source privacy sandbox.

How to prepare for the federal learning of the Google FLoC

Strategy for first-party data collection

Getting data directly from the source provides a direct line to your site visitors and potential customers. Also, you ask for their information with their consent.

Inform customers or clients about changes

Informing your customers or clients about changes allows you to manage their expectations, adjust processes accordingly and strategize together. They can be used to automatically accept browser cookies. So you may have to hold their hand as you both embrace new technology.

Notice the updates

This news is still growing, with lots of moving areas. But the ultimate goal is this: Internet user tracking will be a thing of the past, and will be replaced by user behavior tracking. How all of this unfolds may be different from how the current situation is.

Not for FLoC or FLoC?

Google Chrome is an industry-leading browser, and the use of FLoC in online advertising can set the standard for many users, advertisers, marketers, and publishers. Even if you are not an early adopter, you need to adapt yourself to the impact of the release. Its insides will be felt in search engine marketing circles.

More than ever, you have to manage the various details in this big change. Together with Google advertising company Trio, which has been around for almost two decades. We can turn this challenge into an opportunity. Also, we offer in-depth strategies to support our customers’ advertising efforts.

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