WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Feature

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WhatsApp multi-device support

WhatsApp multi-device support, new mode, and iPad support are just a few of the features that have been available for months, if not years. Finally, the company officially confirmed it and provided a release date for the new features.

WhatsApp confirmed new features, owned by Facebook. No one is other than the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Support for many devices, disappearing mode, iPad support, and expanding the beta version to include more iOS users are all confirmed by Zuckerberg and WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart. The new functions. 

A WhatsApp conversation in which the two managers informed the owner of the WABetaInfo website about the upcoming features confirmed the information.

“Getting all your messages and content to properly sync across devices even when your battery dies was a big technical challenge,” Zuckerberg said of multiple device support. 

Will Cathcart, the CEO of WhatsApp, has confirmed that beta testers will have access to multi-device support within the next month or two.

Since the inception of the instant messaging platform, WhatsApp has been enough for a single device. The company later added WhatsApp Web support. But it is only available when connected to the primary device to the internet and required device authentication. Using multi-device support, users can run WhatsApp on four devices at the same time without relying on a primary device. 

Special feature

WhatsApp’s multi-device support will also allow it to expand into new form factors, such as the Apple iPad. The iPad should get its own version of the app in the near future.

Another confirmed feature is the disappearing mode. The missing message feature is now available for users to use in various conversations. Users can set all chats to disappearing mode, in which messages have automatically been removed after a predetermined time period. 

This will also introduce a new feature known as ‘view-once’ messages. Which have enabled features, messages that have been read or viewed once deleted. Instagram and Snapchat both have similar features.


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