Why You Must Start Using Proxies for Your SEO Business

Using Proxies for Your SEO Business

Using Proxies for Your SEO Business

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for your digital presence. It determines whether you rank at the top or the bottom of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Based on where you rank on SERPs, you can have either a large number of visitors to your website or practically none.

This traffic generated through SEO has more chances of getting converted into customers than any other marketing method. Thus, you must focus on having a strong SEO business.

One of the easiest ways to ace the SEO game is using proxies. They help in various aspects related to SEO such as improving your rankings on SERPs.

If you are still not using proxies for your SEO business, we give you eight reasons why you should start using them as soon as possible.

1. Improving Page Loading Speeds

In this fast-paced world, users want websites to load in a flash. Similarly, from an SEO point of view, faster loading websites are better than websites with slow loading speeds.

Google penalizes slow-loading websites as they don’t want to hamper the user experience. Thus, such websites get lower rankings on SERPs even if you have other aspects of SEO covered. 

Having a slow-loading website can negatively affect your ranking and online visibility. Thus, you should use a list of free proxy servers to increase your load speeds. How? By doing the following:

  • Caching your website data
  • Compressing traffic to your website
  • Saving bandwidth
  • Providing a connection to the nearest server from where the user is located
  • Blocking malicious requests

Thus, after using the free proxy servers list, you will notice that your website rankings improve on the search results page as your web pages load quickly.

2. Monitoring Competitors

Standard business practice is to track what your competitors are doing. But, you need to keep a low profile when carrying out this activity. This is because your competitors shouldn’t know about it. This is where free proxy servers can help.

Free proxy servers help you remain anonymous on the internet by masking your IP address. Thus, you can find out valuable information from your competitors’ websites without them finding out.

Similarly, you can use rotating proxies to access your competitors’ websites multiple times. Rotating proxies assign you a new IP address for each search. You can browse through a website hundreds of times without being suspected. Thus, there is very little chance of your competitor blocking you from accessing their site.

You can then use the data aggregated from your competitors’ websites to improve your SEO methods and strategies.

3. Enhancing Location-Based Promotions

Many businesses have targeted campaigns for products or services that are catered toward a particular segment. These campaigns require location-based SEO strategies, including local SEO. You need the information to be sent only to specific locations to attract customers.

Proxies help you get IDs specific to certain regions. You can then use these location-based addresses to market your products and services to specific audiences. You can, thus, ensure that your online visibility and SEO strategies are relevant to your target audience.

3. Managing Social Media Accounts

In today’s world, social media plays an important role in driving audiences to your website. As per a report, 83% of individuals use Instagram to discover new products and services. Similarly, LinkedIn is a major platform that drives traffic to websites. Thus, the importance of social media cannot be ignored.

Even you might have multiple social media accounts to increase your customer base and improve sales. But having multiple accounts exposes you to the risk of getting blocked. How? 

Well, you will likely be sending bulk messages to potential clients and customers at the same time. The website algorithms might mark this activity as suspicious. They will block your IP address and mark your account as spam.

But don’t you worry because proxies can help mitigate this issue. Firstly, proxies will provide you with anonymity on social media sites. Secondly, proxies keep rotating your IP address. Thus, you can send multiple requests with different IPs without the fear of getting banned.

4. Analyzing Data

The importance of data and data analytics in today’s data-driven world needs no iteration. You can gain valuable insights from data that can help you make better-informed business decisions. With SEO, one of the fundamental activities is tracking data from yours as well as from competitors’ websites.

Proxy servers are great for tracking purposes that improve data analytics tasks. You can keep track of website traffic, pages most visited, user clicks, keywords, and other metrics. Analyzing them will help you improve your SEO strategies.

Similarly, you can also track competitor data with proxies easily. You can then perform an analysis involving a comparison of how you are faring against them. Based on the comparison, you can find out the areas you are lacking and can take steps to improve.

Types of Proxies You Can Use for Your SEO Business

There are many types of proxies available that you can use with your SEO operations that help to boost Using Proxies for Your SEO Business. Among them, residential and datacentre proxies are the two most commonly used proxies by businesses. Each of these proxies has its own set of pros and cons. Here is a detailed look at both of them.

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are proxies that are associated with real, physical devices. They are almost impossible to detect as they show up as regular users to a website’s algorithms. They are by far the best proxy type for business purposes, including SEO operations.

Datacentre Proxies

Datacentre proxies are created artificially at datacentres. They are non-physical and take the IP address of the server on which they are created. Datacentre proxies provide high speed when compared to residential proxies. But, the chances of them getting detected and banned are higher.

Parting Thoughts

We have looked at the top five reasons and the types of proxies you can use for your SEO business. We can safely say that proxies are essential for every business that wants to create a strong online presence.

Residential proxies prove to be a better option as they provide the basic functionalities of a proxy while having a lesser chance of getting banned. If you still aren’t using proxies for your SEO business, we recommend you start doing it at the earliest. You will definitely reap the benefits they provide with your SEO strategies.

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