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How Much Do YouTube Ads Cost?

How much YouTube ads expense

YouTube Ads Cost

YouTube is owned by Google. So you advertise on Google using the Google AdWords network. As with any other type of Google AdWords campaign, the price of YouTube advertising includes bidding for your ad placement. So we can’t say for sure how much YouTube ads cost.

We have already looked at YouTube ads from the perspective of YouTubers on how to make money on YouTube. This post focuses on YouTube from an advertiser perspective.

  • The average price per YouTube ads viewer is $ 0.010 – $ 0.030, and the number of views you create is calculated by your total number of YouTube viewers.
  • The average price to reach 100,000 viewers is about $ 2,000.

Why would have YouTube Ads?

YouTube has a huge following it enjoys over 1.5 million logged-in monthly users. They watch YouTube on mobile devices for an average of more than an hour a day. With the current popularity of smart TVs, watching YouTube on television sets has also grown rapidly.

It is also difficult to ignore the fact that YouTube is second only to Google in terms of search usage.

With the power of Google AdWords behind it, it’s no surprise that YouTube is now becoming a favorite medium for advertisers around the world.

YouTube Ad Formats to Consider

YouTube offers a variety of YouTube ads formats. In addition to:

Display ads – these are only visible on the desktop platform – to the right of the feature video and above the video instruction list.

Overlapping ads – these are semi-transparent overlay ads that appear only on the desktop platform – below 20% of your video. These can be image or text ads

Skippable Video Ads – The Most Common Type of YouTube Advertising. These are ads you see before or after a video that the viewer can skip after 5 seconds

Non-Skippable Video Ads – Video ads that viewers must watch before watching the main video. There is an extended version with 30-second ads, but YouTube is going to phase them out due to their unpopularity. Videos that cannot be skipped are usually 15-20 seconds long.

Bumper Ads – These are videos that can skip up to 6 seconds, a must-watch before the viewer sees the main video

Sponsored Cards – These provide content related to the video, for example, the products featured in the main video

How much does each YouTube Ad cost?

Display Ads

Display ads are less popular with advertisers because they do not occupy the videos that people watch. However, they can still create positive results for your advertising campaign. As I mentioned above, YouTube has the second largest search engine in the world. This means that if you work in a competitive niche these ads will serve as an alternative to ads on Google.

Overlay Ads

Overlay ads are a great way to drive traffic to your own YouTube channel or website. For this to work on your YouTube channel, you must first fill it with catchy, entertaining videos. You also want to create a compelling welcome video to encourage people to stay tuned the moment they click on your channel.

Skippable Video Ads

You only pay for skipping videos that viewers watch for 30 seconds or more (unless your ad is less than that). So, you do not have to worry about paying for all the people who skip your video as soon as possible.

Bumper Ads

Businesses use bumper ads when they want to deliver a short, memorable message to potential customers. They must reach the point because they are six seconds or less.

You pay for bumper ads through Impressions. Cost per thousand impressions – they are charged by CPM. So you pay for the bumper ad every time your ad receives 1,000 impressions.

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