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5 Common Mistakes that Digital Marketing Managers do (2020)

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Not so long ago, the idea of ​​a digital marketing manager within a company was unnecessary. However, with the growth of the population on social platforms such as Face book and Twitter, the need to have a person dedicated to managing campaigns and efforts in the digital framework has become evident.

Here are the most critical failures that these figures commit to managing web and social development.

Here the list of 10 most common:

1. Not having a brief
This is the source of all ills. Starting with a project without being clear about the objectives you want to achieve does not allow you to measure the success of a digital campaign or project.

Solution: Define the guidelines by which the entire work team will be governed. Delimit the indicators on which you want to obtain results. Digital branding Institute will help you to know about these mistakes.

2. Excessive interest in the number of followers
It is great to have hundreds of followers, and it is important to focus efforts on receiving more and more likes on the page, however, obsessing about growth is a mistake.

Solution: Focus on keeping your users interested. Give them relevant information. The more they respond to your interests, the more naturally they will recommend the page to their contacts, and the growth will occur organically.

3. Request the digital agency to replicate campaigns designed for traditional media
Each channel works differently, and agencies specialize in some or many of them. Let each of you do your best and show your talent by developing what you do best.

Solution: Having a time planning and integration with the entire company and the traditional agency is essential to achieve consistent and innovative campaigns in all the media in which the brand is present.

4. Create tedious approval processes
Getting first on social media is a key issue in the success of brands in that ecosystem. The immediacy factor takes a lot of strength, and it is preferable to overlook an approval than to miss an important opportunity for the brand. A digital branding agency can help you to learn more about these mistakes in digital marketing.

Solution: Learn to trust your digital equipment. Empower them, convey to them the general spirit of the company, so that it is reflected in each of the decisions they make when they proactively want to be opportune on social networks.

5. Expect immediate results
If you took the step of having a digital presence, it is a great mistake to abandon it after a specific promotion or campaign.

Solution: Create a long-term strategy. Guarantee traffic to your social networks through constant efforts that demonstrate to your audience that the company thinks of them as people and not just as consumers. This link will help you to know more about the mistakes in digital marketing.

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