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5 Important Functions of an Online Catalog

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5 essential functions of online catalog

Online Catalog

Catalogs should play an important role in your marketing mix. We look at five key reasons why an online catalog is a visual and tactile experience for your customers, and a channel you should not really ignore.

These are the 5 essential functions of an Online Catalog

Driving sales

When shopping with a printed list, 52% of people buy more than planned and 75% of recipients say the list can give them ideas to make or buy.

Customers get time to browse the pages, allowing themselves to be fascinated by ideas and products.

Linking offline/online section

Did you know that 70% of people go online after getting lists? In addition, list recipients read twice as many web pages per visit and browse longer than other users

Customers can browse on their own, and then go online when they are ready to buy, with all the information at hand.

Work your listing and digital endeavors together; The possibilities for guiding customers to your website are endless – QR codes, vouchers, video demos – all of which add other dimensions to your list.

Reach out and get involved again

Well-planned inventories are a highly targeted marketing tool with an opening rate of 70 %. Because Make it easy using an individual and wide range of variables and you have a powerful marketing strategy.

After an old online purchase, return old customers, introduce yourself to new customers, or encourage them to create follow-up mail – Whatever your goal, a professionally designed list should play a key role in your marketing mix.

Increase brand awareness

86% of recipients say they keep the listings on the home list for a period of time, resulting in more awareness among customers about your brand.

71% of people say lists tell you what a brand can offer them, so show recipients your brand personality – impress them with a welcome letter, add testimonials or add an editorial.

Your table has more impact and content – both in design and copywriting – which makes more of a difference and relates to USB points. And it is a very successful sales tool.

Providing facilities and access

63% of people say that it is easy to browse a list of products, not just in-store or online. Think – Lightweight, easy to use, portable, and packed with information. And so the more successful it is as a sales tool.  So join the revival table – call us today and ask us how to improve your profits.


What are the main functions of a list?       

Moreover, the most recent attempt to describe the objectives and functions of the library list was made in 1998 with the Functional Requirements for Library Records (FRBR), which define four user functions: locate, identify, select, and retrieve. However, A list acts as a list or list of the contents of the library.

What does an online list do?

An online library list is an electronic book database that describes books, videotapes, and also periodicals carried by a particular library.

What is the purpose and function of a list in a library?

A list of books, drawings, stamps, audio recordings, or any reading material that makes up a library collection. Its purpose is to record, describe, and index any library collection. Moreover, A library list is a list of documents that make up a total reserve or an area that holds a library.

What makes a good catalog?

You want customers to get the content of a page; this means quality photos and good descriptions, which means attractive page layout, good use of space. Also promoting specific products or features. It is important to think about the paper on which printed your list.

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