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9 Best AMP WordPress Plugins for Speed, Search & Tracking

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What are the best WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology is easy to use if you use WordPress. You can see 9 of the best AMP plugins for WordPress here. If you want your website to load faster on mobile sites, you need to use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology. Fortunately, if you use WordPress it is easy to do because there are some AMP plugins. Before trying any of these AMP plug-ins for WordPress, make perfect:

  • Develop a backup version of your website.
  • Make sure it works in your hosting environment.
  • Ensure it fits your goals for the site.
  • Make sure a developer is configured correctly.
  • Ensure it works with your theme.

The best AMP plugins for WordPress

Official AMP Plugin

If you do not know which plugin to select from this list, you can definitely not misunderstand one designed by the official AMP program.

* Support for Themes: The plugin is consistent with “core” themes (like Twenty Twenty).

* Compatibility tool: In some cases, the AMP markup plugin cannot be automated. When this happens, the plugin will allow you which components are creating the problems so you can fix them manually.

* CSS tree-shaking: The tool removes unused layout sheets (CSS) so you can be within the AMP-mandated 50k range.

* AMP Stories: While in beta as of this writing, the plugin allows you to create, edit and publish AMP stories.

AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

One of the most valued options on this list is AMP for the WP plugin. It has a better average rating than the one produced by the official AMP program.

AMP also offers a great set of features for WP:

  • AdSense support.
  • Contact Form 7 Support.
  • Email Custom Support.
  • Action support for Action Call.

In other words, if you want to use digital marketing to make your website identical to a mobile app, this plugin may be your best bet.

Schema & Structured Data for WP

The tool supports 33 different project types, including blogs, news articles, business details, food recipes, products, and videos. If the type of schema you want to use is not supported, the developers say you can request it and they will add it for you.

The tool also supports conditional visual fields, so you need to determine which posts, pages, or other content are represented. The premium version of the tool lets you add reviews and provides priority support.

PWA for WP & AMP

Use the tool to take your user experience with the latest and greatest web technology bells and whistles. For beginners, and most importantly for this article, the plugin provides full AMP support. It comes with UTM tracking, multi-site support, and cache expiration choice.

PWA for WP & AMP also provides a service staff feature to enhance your website. This translates to quick load times for the audience.

Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP

If you have the Yoast SEO plugin and the official AMP Plugin for WordPress, you will need glue for the Yoast SEO and AMP plugin. It also provides a simple way to customize your AMP content.

Additionally, the glue adds basic styling so you can keep the look and feel of the site for AMP visitors a little bit longer.

AMP WP – Google AMP for WordPress

This appears to be the newest entry in the library of AMP Plugins. For now, it has only received a thousand active installations.

Still, the AMP WP plugin proves its promise. According to the product description, you can get a 5x faster load with the tool. Also, the developer gets that it is 100% consistent with Yoast SEO.

weblrAMP CE

The weblrAMP plugin goes beyond providing other plug-ins by authorizing you to create an almost complete AMP version of your full site.

Also, weblrAMP contains numerous other tools, such as

  • Disqus
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook pixel
  • Yoast SEO

AMP It Up!

AMP It Up! Bills as another “Forget it set up” plugin. All you have to do install and run it and you have an AMP-compatible website.

Truth be told, nothing is so easy, particularly in web development.

The tool provides support for:

  • GDPR
  • HTTP
  • Google Analytics
  • YouTube
  • Brightcove

AMP Stories for WordPress

Website visitors can use AMP stories to engage more with your brand. Also, they are like Instagram stories.

You can add pictures, animations, videos, audio, and text to your own AMP stories.

If you like the idea of using AMP stories, you should check out AMP Stories for the WordPress plugin. It increases your to develop a story by just entering a form on a post. The tool lets you add a URL to your story. If you want to redirect people to another part of your site it may come in handy.

The pro version of AMP Stories for WordPress includes booking management, support for additional content at the end of the story, and Facebook integration.

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