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Why My Pages Aren’t Ranking Like They Used To

Why my page ranking is slow

Increase Ranking

If your web pages are not functioning properly on search engine results pages (SERPs) as in ranking, your online visibility will be severely affected in a few days, weeks, or months. This means less organic traffic will find and visit your site. Then you know what happens: Your sales are affected as well.

Once you notice the first signs of an overall or local SEO ranking decline you need to act quickly to improve your search engine optimization strategy or SEO strategy. This article will take you through the reasons for the decline and bring you definitive tips on how to improve Google’s search ranking capability. We also emphasize the importance of setting aside time to track important rankings.

9 Reasons Why Your Website Ranking Dropping and Ways to Get Back To Top

Some important pages contain NoIndex tags

When you monitor important rankings and find that some valuable pages are missing from search results, you can skip the “no index” tag in the <head> section of pages. This meta tag tells Google or any search engine web crawler to avoid indexing a page. Without crawling and indexing, your pages will have no SERP ranking opportunities.

Googlebot cannot crawl certain pages

Robots.txt is a text file containing instructions for web crawlers, including Googlebot. This will block or allow access to your pages. For example, if it has a rule that prevents Googlebot from crawling certain pages, the search engine will not be able to find those pages. This may affect the SERP ranking and visibility.

You do not have high-quality external links

Focus on your backlinks. They are there to improve your online visibility (read: How to Improve Google Search Rankings).

According to studies, backlinks, links found on other sites pointing back to your pages, are an important Google ranking / local SEO ranking factor. Mentioning your page in the content of a popular site enhances your credibility and helps Google determine how relevant that page is to the main page or user query.

Search purpose is not prioritized

Here’s another possible reason why you might have created content for a popular keyword – a keyword frequently searched by your target users – But it does not satisfy the search purpose of the users.

You have duplicate content

Duplicate content may appear on a website or website. When two URLs lead to the same content or the same page, Google chooses only one version to show users: also known as the canonical version, primary copy, or source URL. When you add the canonical tag, you tell Google which copy should show up in the SEO key rankings.

You have been fined by Google

This rarely happens, but a sudden drop in SERP rankings can be caused by a manual Google fine. So, unless you do something tough to handle SEO rankings like spamming or covering text/pad keywords, you are fine.

Google will alert you if you win. Go to the Google search console to check the problem. Under the safety and manual measures, you can find the penalty, its description, and all the affected pages.

Not optimal for your location

Moreover, Local SEO rankings vary from user to user. Because Google is in their location, among other factors. If you are a franchise or multi-space business, it is important to target keywords based on the exact location or bid for them in search engine marketing (SEM) or payment (PPC) advertising.

Your site has not been updated for page experience

The page experience includes Google’s latest line signals, which include Core Web Wides, which focus on page load speed, display stability, and interactivity. New guidelines for SEO key ranking were launched in June 2021. Also. It takes about four weeks to set the page experience in motion and see its impact.

Your website is new from the magazine

Some may find this obvious, but others may be confused about search engine key rankings or lack the SEO strategy for their brand new site. Note that it will take time to rank your pages. And also to reach the top of the SERPs.

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