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5 Benefits Of Choosing React Native For Your Next Project

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5 Benefits of Choosing React Native for your Next Project

React Native

React Native is a web development technology based on JavaScript. So, developers working in JavaScript can easily develop mobile apps. This not only saves time but also eliminates the need for developers to learn complex languages ​​like Objective-C and Java to develop an app.

Also, because JavaScript components are built into iOS and Android components, developers don’t have to re-create the same app for another platform. All in all, React Native mobile app development framework gives businesses success while saving time, effort, and money.

5 Benefits Of Choosing React Native

Code Reusability

The biggest advantage of React Native is that developers don’t need to create separate codes for different platforms (Android and iOS). In fact, 90% of the code can be reused between the two platforms, helping to significantly increase development speed and efficiency. As a result, you get to market faster and require fewer maintenance efforts.

Native Look and Feel

React Native components map 1:1 with native development components. It combines the building blocks of the native user interface with its own JavaScript, giving the application a native look and feel. Also, since the building blocks for Android and iOS are the same, the look and feel of the app are the same on both platforms.

Live Reload

React Native’s live reload feature lets you see and work on changes in real time. Edits can be made to the code while the application is loading, and it will automatically be reflected in the application with a reload. You can also reload a specific part of the conversion to save time in the compilation.

UI Focused

React Native uses the React JavaScript library to create fast and responsive user interfaces. It has excellent rendering capabilities and uses a component-based approach, which makes it easy to create simple and complex UI designs.


As code is reusable, it helps save up to 40% on development costs. You don’t need to hire two different Android and iOS dev teams to build an app. On top of that, React Native has many pre-built components that further control the development process.
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