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LinkedIn Engagement increasing Hacks

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Clever hacks to increase LinkedIn engagement

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. It is mainly used for professional networking and allows job seekers to post their resumes and employers to post jobs. LinkedIn engagement is important.

By your profile, you can show your professional life, milestones, skill, and interests.

What is the average LinkedIn engagement?

The average engagement rate of LinkedIn is 1.09. This engagement rate is at the lower end of the spectrum, significantly lower than Instagram’s 23.53 rate and Facebook’s 5.99 but higher than Twitter’s 0.86. The industries on this platform with the highest engagement rates are logistics, machinery, biotech, wholesalers, and energy. The requested information was used to obtain an extensive search through various industry reports and reputable media.

What are the best methods to increase LinkedIn engagement?

The seven best hacks to boost LinkedIn engagement includes,

·         Write text-only posts

·         Break up the content and use emojis

·         Like your own posts and comments

·         Share and embed your LinkedIn posts

·         Like and comment on other people’s posts

·         Use LinkedIn native video

·         Share occasional non-business updates

Write text-only posts

My stats show that text-only posts are more than posts that contain images and videos.

LinkedIn’s method does not like posts containing links to external sites because these links take users away from LinkedIn, which restricts LinkedIn’s opportunity to show you adverts.

The best-performing text-only posts will be very long, so do not be afraid to use most of the 1300 characters you are permitted for each post.

Break up the content and Use emojis

All of us want walls of text, so start a new paragraph every 2-3 sentences.

You can’t use rich-text formatting in LinkedIn posts, so the best way to create sub-headings in your content is to write in ALL CAPs. But don’t make the sentences too long.

Emojis can add a little colour and personality to your posts. They work well as markers for titles and lists.

Like your own posts and comments

Linking your posts gives those posts a little encouragement in terms of engagement. Having at least one like draws attention o a post and gives it a little extra perceived importance in the viewers’ thoughts. Moreover, it is a simple, powerful tool you can use to restart the engagement on your posts.

It feels weird, but liking your content can have a small positive effect. No one thinks to be the first to like something. So, it is much easier to hit the Like button when someone else has already done it. You may be that other person.

Share and embed your LinkedIn posts

If you are active on other social platforms, consider sharing links to LinkedIn posts there. This type of cross-pollination will help your content reach a wider audience.

To go one step further, you can also include your LinkedIn posts on your website or blog. This is great for reusing content and making more engagement on your posts.

Instead of copying the link to a LinkedIn post, you can copy the link to a specific comment.

This is a helpful feature if you want to point people toward a particular comment, mainly because comments are not shown in date order. This is better than writing ‘look at the third comment’ because the ranking may change as a post becomes more popular.

Like and comment on other people’s posts

Help other peoples by liking and commenting on their posts. They will often reciprocate and you will all win.

If you want to broadcast alone, do not expect your content to go too far, you contribute to others people’s posts. No one will win alone.

Note that I did not mention sharing other people’s posts. Because, at least on LinkedIn, liking and commenting are more effective than sharing.

Use LinkedIn native video

If you share a video on LinkedIn, make sure you upload it directly to the LinkedIn page. Unless pasting in a link to YouTube or another video site.

Native videos uploaded directly in the LinkedIn app or through the browser version of LinkedIn. That performs much better than external videos.

LinkedIn native video details:

  • Maximum length: 10 minutes
  • Maximum file size: 5GB
  • Maximum resolution: 3840×2160 pixels (4K)

LinkedIn supports the addition of captions to your videos. Moreover, that Rev captions can be used to enhance the value of your video content. This is the best way for accessibility and helps those who work in shared spaces.

Share occasional non-business updates

Although LinkedIn is not Facebook, your content does not have to be all about business. After that, keeping things super-professional all the time can be dry and dull, so feel free to lighten up now and then.

While writing advice or other tips on LinkedIn, I like to drop in the occasional post with a bit of humour.

  • Be personable
  • Be memorable
  • Don’t be a robot

When is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

The time of posting does not seem to matter too much, but if you want engagement, then it is best to pick up likes and comments in the first hour of the post going live. That means if you post in the middle of the night, where most of your connections are busy, you won’t get much engagement, so it’s probably best to post from morning to mid-day on weekdays.

Not all view counts are the same on LinkedIn, so it’s essential to understand how the counts can differ before you stress over your numbers.

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