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Top 8 Best Strategies to Know In WordPress

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Top 8 Best Strategies to Know In WordPress


If you own a start-up or an already established business, you need a website to make it more visible. Due to the prevalence of digital marketing, owning a website for your brand is essential. It has become more relevant to the growth of the business than ever before.

WordPress provides the perfect platform for designing websites. WordPress powers over 100 million websites in the USA alone. It is also used in creating 400 million websites worldwide. With these figures, there is no doubt that it is a reliable platform for website creation.

WordPress offers an intuitive interface, SEO, web hosting, and other unique tools. These tools are used by the best Website Design Company NYC has to offer. It is also used in thousands of other web design companies in the USA and worldwide aspiring to reach elite status. Also, web developers and designers use the platform because of its unique features.

Top 8 Best Strategies to know in WordPress

We will look at eight key strategies you need to put in place to optimize your WordPress website. These strategies are very vital for creating a successful website.

Image Size Matters

One key strategy web designers use to give you the perfect website is image optimization. The size of images on your website can determine the speed at which the web page loads.

Most users don’t want to waste their time on slow websites. This is because there are a million other websites they could choose from.

The larger the image, the slower the web page loads. So, the images on your page must be small without reducing the quality. If you have a professional web development team, this won’t be much hassle.

However, if that’s not the case, there are plugins they can use to optimize images on your website. Other plugins can help improve SEO and increase your web page’s visibility and ranking. You could also opt for a standard image size throughout your website.

Image optimization makes your website load faster. That is important, especially when prospective customers are searching on Google. So when next you’re visiting a web designer, have this at the back of your mind.

Theme Optimization

A huge part of your website’s success if you’re using WordPress is deciding on the right theme. When picking a theme, it is vital to ensure that the layout does not hamper its flexibility. That will make it easy to make changes and add other elements when needed.

Theme optimization ensures better performance and responsiveness. There are many available plugins on WordPress you can use to achieve this. 

Users would instead go for a web page with the best performance than one without. At this point, what you have to offer on your website does not matter. It is the marketing strategy you applied to your theme that matters.

Get an XML Sitemap

Uploading an XML sitemap on your website makes the website and posts relevant on Google. The XML sitemap acts as a map that directs Google through all your pages and posts. XML sitemaps make your website possible to rank higher and get found faster. 

WordPress has many plugins for a fast and easy generation of sitemaps for your website. That is relevant even when there are no internal links to relevant pages. The XML sitemap lists them and makes it easy for Google to locate them.

Be Careful With Web Hosting

Another strategy to know when creating your website on WordPress is web hosting. Web hosting is when your website is being allocated space on a web server. 

This space is for easy storage of your files, codes, images, and content. Also, web hosting makes your website available for viewing. Without web hosting, your WordPress website cannot be on the web.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) used in building websites. The platform does not host a website and relies on hosting providers to do the job. There are many to choose from depending on your preference.

Every website you come across has web hosting. And it is one thing that all the best web designs have in common. But, if you want a WordPress website for your business, keep in mind that it needs regular backup to last on the web.

Random Plugins Begone!

Plugins contribute a lot when it comes to WordPress website creation. There is not much that web developers can do without it! 

Your ideal website will need plugins every step of the way. It is important to note that having too many plugins can harm your website. Your website slows down and performs below average if there are many useless plugins.

Ensure that you only download and use relevant plugins to your website. Discard the ones you are not using to free up space. You do not need to have a plugin for everything on your website.

Google analytics and SEO plugins are some of the significant ones your website needs. Using the right plugins makes WordPress more convenient and reliable to use.

Mobile Interfaces Are a Plus

More users prefer to browse a website with their mobile phones than a computer these days. It is faster and more convenient for them to go over your page with simple clicks and swipes. 

So your WordPress website needs to have a mobile interface to cater to more users. It must also be user-friendly to provide your audience with a great user experience.

It does not only help with more far-reaching visibility. It also helps improve your ranking.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every website needs SEO to thrive. Your page can only come up on search engine results when users search for keywords related to your niche. Investing in SEO when creating your website will create trust in the minds of your prospects. It will also ensure more visibility, reach, and increased rankings.

There are many plugins available on WordPress that you can use to achieve this. You can also boost SEO by linking your page to social media. Include specific keywords and links that lead to your website.

Be Smart, Be Safe

Due to the popularity of WordPress, it is an easy target for hackers. So, when building your website, endeavor to put various security measures. Regular updates of your WordPress version, getting an SSL certificate, etc., are good as they will help combat bugs and hackers.

Getting your website hosted by reliable and professional hosting providers is essential. That is important for protecting and protecting customers’ information and your website. 


WordPress is arguably the best platform for building and managing websites. It has unique features that make it easy to use and implement for any website. However, having a reliable platform to build on is just one part of the job. You need to actively put lots of things in place if your WordPress website must stand out.

There are many tools and strategies you must consider when starting. Then, ensure that your web developers implement them to give you a relevant website. 

You do not need any prior knowledge of website creation or WordPress to know these. But these strategies will come in handy when you need to create a website.

 You do not have to do it on your own. Get in touch with digital marketing professionals if needed. You can also contact web designers that will bring your dream website to reality. Most importantly, doing thorough research is a must!

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