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WordPress and Wix: What’s the Best Website Platform for Manufacturers?

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WordPress vs. Wix What's The Best Website Platform For producers

WordPress and Wix

Before the Internet, sales groups relied on cool calls, print advertising, and word of mouth to grow their business. Today, the marketing and selling landscape provides an almost endless number of sites and channels to reach buyers. The great difference between WordPress and Wix for producers is customization.

However, none of the digital marketing projects are useful without a strong website. A few years ago, change in the manufacturing sector began slowly. A newcomer to the world of B2B digital marketing, there have been companies that have not updated their website in a decade – or even some websites.

But lately, we are seeing more and more manufacturers getting their hands dirty and ready to create a new website of their own. With so many easy digital tools to produce, it’s no surprise that industrial companies have taken the initiative.

One of the best choices in the website builder channel for manufacturers today is WordPress. More than 64 million websites use WordPress. This site allows your customers to create a robust experience and provides the tools you need to make the edits you need and make sure your site is found by relevant users.

Another popular alternative you came up with for website design is Wix showing our data. Which of your website sites should you choose? Let’s go through a quick comparison.

What is the difference between WordPress vs. Wix?

The great difference between WordPress vs. Wix for producers is customization. Wix attracts small design businesses and startups with its drag and drop features, which allows you to design a simple website without proper design or development training.

Think of it as a standard industrial product as opposed to custom-made products: standard products can come in different sizes or glass, but do not change the overall basic design and structure. We hear a lot from product leaders that it is difficult to make changes to their website so that their pages go on for months or years without being updated. With WordPress, that is not a big challenge.

With WordPress, users download the software before creating a site (which is a good thing because it can create a website site and redistribute it again for free). While Wix users do not need to spend much time learning sites like WordPress users, WordPress offers very powerful and customizable page builder plugins.

Wix vs. WordPress: Which is better for SEO?

We will refresh your memory in Marketing Brief SEO. SEO is the process of search engine optimization and upgrading your website to get high rankings on Google and other search engines.

SEO is a great part of the strategy of developing greatly qualified leads and is one of the main reasons why most industry companies use WordPress for their website. As we mentioned above, Wix’s limited customization can get advanced SEO strategies, improvements to site speed, and so on. Page speed is important because your target audience demands a smoother, faster user experience. Studies show that if it takes more than 3 seconds to load a page, a quarter of users will opt out of a different search result.

Wix Analytics has a site speed dashboard to see your site’s performance, but Wix websites load faster than those built-in HTML (like WordPress). A 2019 analysis of more than 150,000 small business websites revealed that Wix performed poorly on Google Page Speed ​​scores.

WordPress vs. Wix: Which is the best platform for the leading generation?

Wix is ​​a great tool for small business owners because of its easy-to-use templates and intuitive interface. While the Wix of Market provides over 250 marketing, analytics, and other business tools, which are not comparable to the more than 55,000 WordPress plugins.

No matter which site you use, effective lead generation needs a clear goal and strategy. Your website is the foundation for your leading generation efforts, but many elements need to be aligned to see results. You need to understand who your prospects are, their buying habits, the latest trends in buyer trends, and how all digital marketing channels can successfully run traffic and lead them — that are, emails, videos, and paid campaigns.

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