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Elevate Your LinkedIn Profile to Promote Your Personal Brand

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Improve Your LinkedIn Profile to Promote Your Personal Brand

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Digital marketers need to be strategic in marketing themselves. It is easy to spend too much time on your business without investing enough time in your personal brand. But don’t forget – you are a direct reflection of your brand. You represent your business and for that reason, it is essential to build your personal brand. One way to do that is to create a strong personal LinkedIn profile.

These are the steps to improve your LinkedIn profile

Improve your LinkedIn profile for search

LinkedIn is like a search engine, it’s a social media site, so the words you choose are very important. Determine those keywords and use them in your title, job title, abstract and job description.

Choosing the right words makes a difference in what your profile looks like or is invisible.

Access LinkedIn as a living application

Your LinkedIn profile is not something you can set up and forget.

When you take a career step, speak at a conference, publish a new article, take a new curriculum and update your profile.

Think of LinkedIn as your life application.

Use your description to sell yourself

Take the time to actually sell yourself in your presentation.

Get specific: Add any facts and figures.

You will be amazed to see some profile photos posted on LinkedIn.

Be creative with a cover photo

LinkedIn allows you to add a cover photo to your profile. This is a great way to stand out and add an extra element to your profile.

Attach your company logo or image related to your business. Dimensions should be 1884 × 396.

Customize the URL of your LinkedIn profile

Take the time to customize the URL of your LinkedIn profile. Ideally, you can change your name.

However, if the name is already taken, add your middle name or use your business. Remember that you can only change your URL once every 30 days, so make sure you are 100% committed to the URL you submit, as you will be stuck with it for at least a month!

Write articles for LinkedIn

Publish articles directly on LinkedIn. You might wonder why you’d post an article to LinkedIn rather than your own blog, and that’s a fair question. The advantage of posting on LinkedIn is that when you press Publish, all your links will be notified and displayed in their feed.

Choose your skills strategically

Each LinkedIn profile can list up to 50 capabilities.

You need to select the appropriate skills to fill all 50 positions, and you need to think strategically about what skills to include.

Make your profile public

Your profile should be public, regardless of what you use LinkedIn for. Why do you alienate prospective employers, colleagues and clients from seeing your work?

The only reason you choose to keep your profile private is if you want to see other people’s profiles without them knowing.

Participate in groups

Do not underestimate the power of participating in LinkedIn groups. Joining groups is a great way to find other professionals who fit your interests. In turn, those links will lead to opportunities and deals. Find the right groups for your business and join them.

Accept all connection requests

Whether you know that person or not, there is really no reason not to accept the connection request.

Since your profile is a professional, public-facing component of your personal brand, you should welcome any and all affiliate requests.

Growing your connections will only lead to a wider network and more opportunities. In addition, you will show more.

Engage meaningfully

LinkedIn should not be the site for your own posts. Spend time with your LinkedIn feed and find opportunities to share, like and comment. This is important for building relationships over time.

Growing your connections will only lead to a wider network and more opportunities. Plus, you’ll show up more.

For example, if in the future you have someone you really want to work with or a client you want to land, create a point to engage with LinkedIn with their content.

Personal invitations to join

Taking the time to write a personal note with a call to join will increase your chances of acceptance and pave the way for further communication.

Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions

Don’t wait for suggestions to float your way – stay active and follow them! Access your links with a request for a recommendation!

Good places to start where your colleagues (past and present), or clients over the moon can share good work.

Keep your content positive and helpful

LinkedIn Your Professional Invitation Card – Do not comment / share / publish anything you do not tell a customer or employer.

To keep your posts and comments positive, thoughtful and inspiring, always consider LinkedIn as a professional workplace rather than a personal social media profile.

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