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Flutter Vs. Xamarin What to Choose in 2020 For Cross-platform app development

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Flutter Vs. Xamarin , which is best app development platform

How clearly someone explained the need for a cross-platform framework in the world of this technology! Developing mobile applications has become the easiest way to thrive in your business in this aggressive market. However, it is the most difficult to find and develop an application for the platform for the right audience of the world’s approximately 3.5 billion mobile phone users. Due to a large number of Smartphone companies, the operating system, the target audience can use iOS, Android, etc. Cross-platform app development benefits everyone because it targets viewers on multiple platforms with single app development.

Unlike in the early days, people were targeting only one platform, but what about the other platforms? As a developer or business owner, you have to take care of both platforms, right? However, you can do native development on a platform-by-platform basis, but at a cost. Yes, developing native applications for both platforms can be quite expensive. That’s when you can go cross-platform app development.

When it comes to developing native applications, there are specific programming languages ​​such as Java, Kotlin for Android, Objective C for iOS, and Swift. For cross-platform application development, there is a framework for writing code and implementing it on different platforms.


Despite being a cross-platform framework, Flutter has enough potential to provide platform-friendly performance and looks like a native app on both iOS and Android operating systems. Other cross-platform frameworks also provide code reusability, but none work like Flutter, which facilitates the entire process by which Flutter App Development Company develops cross-platform applications.

Xamarin is a more mature cross-platform framework than Flutter. Xamarin is also an open-source, cross-platform application development tool used to build native Android and iOS applications. The latest version consists of new features that optimize Xamarin cross-platform application development and a new platform-specific UI. It contains over 50 fixes that can improve the productivity of the Xamarin Development Company and developers.

Programming language

The programming language used to write code for developing Flutter applications in Dart. Dart wasn’t very popular and undervalued, but it’s very similar to JavaScript and as easy to learn as Flutter. Dart’s official website includes easy-to-understand documentation for developers to get started with. In addition, Dart is a productive, flexible, and object-oriented programming language with strong tool support.

Xamarin, on the other hand, uses a very popular C # programming language that is widely used by developers. In addition, a clean and simple native UI increases code reuse by up to 96%.


To install the Flutter SDK on your PC, you can download binaries for your specific platform from GitHub. For macOS, you need to download a stable flutter build and update the path variables. Installation documentation and instructions can be found on Flutter’s official website for each operating system.

Few documents or resources can be found to configure and use Xamarin without Visual Studio. However, there are some steps available on the official website to get you started with Xamarin and develop cross-platform applications using Visual Studio. 

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