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Google Ads Tutorial for Beginners

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Today, who does not know Google? Indeed you use some of their tools every day. I would even say that at all hours.

The truth is that the search engine offers us endless possibilities, and in this article, we will focus on Google Ads, its powerful advertising tool. Let’s see how it works, on which platforms you can implement your ads and the particularities of each of them.

What is Google Ads?

If you wonder what Google Ads is, the most direct answer is this: it is the tool that allows us to advertise our company and create SEM campaigns.

You can find a wide variety of types of ads and formats, which help to impact users.

There are different platforms where you can implement Google Ads ads. The most important of them is its Search Network; although it is not the only one, the Partner Network or the Display Network also stand out in mobile applications and on YouTube.

  1. Search Network
    When a user searches on Google, they are presented with a list of results that match their search intent.

    The ads have priority in that list, and it is the first thing the user sees when they search. They appear in both the top and bottom positions.

    Google first shows us four ads before the organic result. It is also important that you know that a Google Ads ad can appear on other Google platforms, such as Google Maps. When we create a campaign for the Search Network, we can decide where we want our ads to appear:

    * In Google.

    * On your partner platforms.

    * In the Network of Partners.

    * On the Display Network
  2. Google Display Network

    Within Google Display, we can differentiate:

    Websites: web pages that the user visits and are their favourites.

    Mobile applications.

    Videos: where our ads can appear within YouTube, without having video format.
  3. Google Shopping

    Google Shopping ads are specific to e-commerce. They are the best alternative for users to see a photo of the product and its price before clicking on the ad.

    Where does this ad format appear? In the first position of the search result, although sometimes they appear on the right side if we are viewing it from the computer.

    Of course, on a mobile device, it will always appear in the first position.
  4. YouTube

    Videos have a significant visual impact on users.

    Therefore, by creating video campaigns on YouTube with a powerful piece, you can get a lot of traffic to your website, which could become business opportunities, or in the best case, sales.

    Take advantage of the YouTube audience to show your video ads to users. Today, more than 2 billion users log on to YouTube every month.
  5. Installing applications

    If you have a mobile application in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, you probably need to advertise it for users to download it.

    Google Ads, on its platform, offers you a campaign to download apps like yours.

    The application campaigns are simple to execute since you only need a few lines of text and a couple of settings … Google will optimize everything else.

    Where can these ads appear? They can be displayed on all channels available in Google Ads, such as Google Play, the Search Network, the Display Network, and even YouTube.

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