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How Google Search Operators Help SEO Link Building

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Google Search Operators

Google Search Operators

Many of us type hundreds of searches into Google every day, but how many of the pages that come up have what you want? For some of them, we get what we want, but others are not what we want at all. Much of that difference comes down to using search operators on Google effectively. If you use Google search operators right, you can enhance the results of your searches by 60%.

First of all, let’s talk about what a search operator is. Hence It’s a string of characters or one character that you can use to get better search results.

Here are some of the best search operators you can use to get better results:


If you are looking for the best drug stores in Indianapolis, you can type ‘best drug stores in Indianapolis,’ but you may get better results if you type ‘allinanchor: best drug stores in Indianapolis.’ This may work better because it will only give you results that use that exact anchor text.

When you search for pages with that anchor text, it’s more likely that you will get specifically what you want.


Let’s say you want to search for ‘link building for real estate websites.’ If you use allintext, the search will give you returns that have every one of those words somewhere on the page.


If you use this search operator for ‘dog trainers,’ it will look for pages that have this exact copy in the title. It’s hard to imagine that you couldn’t find what you want if that is in the title, right?


This search operator will restrict the results of your search to those that have your search term in the URL of that page.

So, if you are looking for ‘product reviews,’ you can limit your search to pages that only have ‘product reviews’ in the URL. Also, if you are looking for SUV product reviews, you can then restrict your search to those pages that only have that term in the URL. Using this search operator can help you to get search returns only for pages with exactly what you want.

Many people don’t realize how much faster you can get the content that you want if you use some of these search operators in your daily searches. Hopefully, you will start to use some of these phrases in your searches.

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