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How to build a strong brand image with a logo

If you want to be successful online, you need to build a strong brand image. But how does branding work? In this article, we’ll go over the different aspects of branding, point out what you absolutely need to pay attention to when designing your logo, and tell you all about how to best present your brand on social media.

Branding can be defined as “brand positioning”. Factors such as logo, website design, company colors and atmosphere play a significant role. A brand’s mission is to convey a message, a feeling or an emotion to potential customers, which will help build the company’s image. The brand image goes through complete corporate communication – both internal and external and its mission is to stand out from the competition.

How do your customers feel when they hear your business name? Coca-Cola sells “just a soda”, but is associated with times of relaxation, happiness, and positive feelings like love and friendship.

Why is branding so important and what is it used for?

The goal of branding is to help potential customers quickly and easily understand what you stand for and what you offer. This is important because a strong brand image has a huge impact on how your customer respond to your products. It is important that your company logo and graphic identity match your target audience’s attitudes, wants, and needs.

If your business or online store doesn’t yet have a brand of your own, or if you don’t like what your brand currently stands for, it’s time to reinvent yourself. Since the logo is essential for any brand, let’s see how to make a prefect logo.

Five steps to make a perfect logo

Step 1: Determine the heart of your brand:

What does your business represent? How do you position yourself in the market? These questions are at the very beginning of the branding process. Sometimes some companies feel that their logo is just not what it has become. To update your logo, the same questions come up:

  • Who are we?
  • What makes us different?
  • Who do we want to talk to?

The logo is the image that your company leaves to the customer. First, make sure you understand how they want to be seen by others.

Step 2: Find the style of your logo:

There are different types of logos resulting from the different combinations of fonts and picture elements. The extremes are pure wordmarks and pure figurative marks.

While eBay’s logo consists of only colored letters, Apple uses the image of that apple that someone has already taken a bite of that everyone directly associates with the company. Of course, your logo can also combine image and font elements in several ways.

Step 3: Choose optimal colors:

It’s no secret that colors have a psychological effect. By choosing the color of your logo, you are always sub-communicating the heart of your brand. Therefore, not all colors are suitable for all businesses. Here is a small overview of the properties that you can express with colors:

  • Black: elegance, stability
  • White: order, simplicity
  • Gray: experience, professionalism
  • Blue: calm, confidence
  • Green: ecology, naturalness, sustainability, health, harmony, harmony
  • Brown: natural, warmth, tradition
  • Yellow: warmth, good humor, optimism
  • Orange: dynamism, innovation, the enthusiasm with an aggressive touch
  • Red: passion, self-confidence, courage
  • Rose: femininity, eroticism

Of course, these colors still need to be adjusted because one green is not worth another green and so on. As a rule of thumb, stick to one or two, at most three colors

Step 4: Find the right font for your business:

If your logo includes font elements, the next step is to select the appropriate font. In the second step, you had already selected a temporary font, which will now be adjusted. Ideally, the font and the image will not just be placed next to each other but also enrich each other.

It is important that the font not only perfectly matches your logo but also your visual identity. We find time and time again that logo fonts are selected with little care. It’s a shame because, with your lettering, you have the opportunity to make a statement on the heart of your brand: Are you traditional, serious and noble, or relatively young, playful and innovative?

Step 5: Final touch

The logo is now almost finished. However, you still have something to improve! The logo, the choice of color and font are now revised and coordinated. Sometimes the logo is already perfect after step 4; sometimes, the final adjustment takes a long time. But that’s not a problem: Only be satisfied with your logo if it convinces you 100%. When you get your final logo, you can add it to your website, social media profiles and company intro video.


Many companies view brand development as an unnecessary cost factor. In the long run, it pays off, including financially. A successful business needs social media to gain a foothold in the market and improve sales. A strong internet presence creates great opportunities, increases your brand awareness, and builds the confidence of your customers.

You should not underestimate the brand image of your company. A strong brand conveys feelings and can make you stand out from the competition with similar products, and with good branding, you can even increase your profit. The customers can identify with a brand that suits them and become loyal brand ambassadors.



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