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How to find The Smart Influence Marketing Platform

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The term “Influencer Marketing” (or “Influence Marketing” in English) covers all marketing practices
related to people with influence over an audience. Brands doing influencer marketing, therefore use
influencers to increase the visibility of their marketing campaigns, thereby raising their profile, resulting
in more sales.

What is an influencer?
By influencer, we talk about a person with a large community behind them who follows them via social
or blogs. This person has the power to influence this community, and can therefore have an
impact on their consumption behavior. It is this influence on consumer behavior that brands use in
influencer marketing. We usually talk about influencers for people with a very large community and
micro-influencer when it is smaller.

How influencer marketing works
The goal of influencer marketing is to engage and get noticed by a certain audience; brands consider
different criteria in order to gain visibility with the most suitable audience. An influencer marketing
campaign is not much different from other types of marketing campaigns. You have to choose the
campaign platform, audience, relay, message, and objective. Let’s take a closer look at these different
criteria for influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing platforms
By platform, we mean where the marketing message will be delivered. Since we are talking about
influencers, the platform will often be a social network or a blog—for example, YouTube, Instagram,
Facebook, the influencer blog, etc.

The influencer marketing audience
The audience is simply the people that brands want to reach. These are the people who see the
influencer marketing campaign. They, therefore, need to be correlated with the purpose and identity of
the brand. In influencer marketing, the audience is the influencer community used to promote the

The relay in influencer marketing
Here, we are talking about the medium through which the campaign will be promoted. There is a certain
nuance with the platform because YouTube could be considered as a relay, for example. But with
influencer marketing, relaying rather means the person carrying the marketing message. We, therefore,
take an influencer (the relay) who disseminates the marketing campaign (the message) on, for example,
Instagram (the platform).More about this source textSource text required for additional translation

The message in influencer marketing
As the name suggests, the message signifies what the brand wants to present to the audience. It can be
video, text, tagline, photo, product placement, etc. In influencer marketing, the influencer often makes a
post featuring and recommending a branded product, such as a video or photo, for example.

The goal of influencer marketing
The objective of an influencer marketing movement can vary. Some brands prefer to use it to increase
their visibility and make themselves better known; others do campaigns to sell a certain product or
service. The precise objective of an influencer marketing campaign, therefore, depends on the brands and their
marketing needs.

Identify your influential customers.
Who better than your own customers to promote your brand? Create more authentic content and reach
new audiences by identifying influencers who visit your site and buy your products. Create a dedicated
pop-up to encourage influencers to share their social profiles in exchange for special offers or discount
coupons or add a dedicated field when ordering..

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